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Subcontract Studio Takuranke Files For Bankruptcy, But New Takuranke Company Continues (Updated)

renew: Takuranke founder Hiroyuki Yamada reported on April 5 that while Studio Takuranke, he co-organized the original limited The company, went bankrupt Takuranke still continues as him in A new company established to operate . The original text of ANN is as follows. Thanks, Sarcataclysmal.

Financial research firm Teikoku Databank reported on April 5 Said that Tokyo-based subcontracted animation studio Studio Takuranke applied for March went bankrupt at the Tokyo District Court. The company said the company’s current debt is under investigation.

The studio was established in September 1987, although it Re-incorporated as a company in February 1987. The studio mainly works on intermediate and key animations.

The studio has produced hundreds of anime titles, but is probably best known for producing most of the anime series, including , , , , , and several movies. The company is also involved in many Studio Ghibli movies, including , , , , , , , , , , and . Some other films and TV series produced by the company include, all four Movie, Franchise, 2014 franchise, , , , , many franchises, etc.

The company is also committed to Momotaro Electric Railway video game series.

Source: Imperial Database’s Twitter account, Yahoo! Japan News via Otakomu




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