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'Succession' star Alexander Skarsgård drops 'golden grenade' in final season

[This story contains spoilers for Inheriting Season 4, Episode 7, “Tailgate Party.” ]

A wise man lost on a strange island once said, “Numbers suck!” If Waystar Royco Co-CEO Kendall ( Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) hadn’t intended to sell the deal to streaming and tech giant GoJo, who now surely have all the incentives they need: the buyer Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård) lied about numbers about his company’s subscribers, It only makes sense if a second India exists.

Bomb explodes at “tailgate party” on Election Day eve. Kendall, Roman and sister Shiv(Sarah Snook) to their Tribute to the late father previously planned party that brought together many important figures, politicians and industrialists in the United States. For her part, Shiv whispers in Matsson’s ear in an attempt to sabotage her brothers and take control of the company into her own hands. But in the midst of this effort, word began to circulate in introducing Matsson to the man he would meet in the world of the Waystar acquisition, whose subscriber numbers ballooned so much that Kendall’s new plan involved buying GoJo, while Not for sale.

First appeared in

Season 3 “Too Many Birthdays”, Matsson was originally conceived as a character in two episodes of Skarsgård. Instead, Succession faces the finale of the last few episodes, with Matsson as the final boss that Kendall, Roman, and Shiv purge. Next, the Hollywood Reporter joins the actor to find out what the tech giant is, his strengths and weaknesses, and what he’s sending his colleagues beyond the liter all blood.

Alexander Skarsgård as Lukas Matsson. David Russell/ HBO

Before joining the cast, you were Fan of Succession . When you first signed up and started filming season three, could you see the path of Matteson’s deep involvement in Endgame?

No, not at all. When my agent called, they mentioned it was two episodes. Between work and travel, I have a hard time watching shows. At the time, Succession was probably the only show I was seriously watching. I keep watching when new episodes air. I’m Succession Jesse Armstrong from

A fan of diorama , I think the writing, acting, and everything about inheriting is spectacular. So I don’t need to read the script when they reach out. If they want me to be an extra, I’ll do it.

It’s like actors playing Stormtroopers in Star Wars just to get on set.

kind of! It looks like all the actors are having a good time. I don’t know anyone on the show, but from watching it, I think it looks like a dream show. Not only are they talented, but their writing is also spectacular. everything about it. Getting into it, I’m excited to play for a few days. But then, we ended season three, and based on how it ended, obviously there was a way for Matsson to come back, but we didn’t talk about it creatively. I was supposed to only do those two episodes and it turned out to be three. I didn’t know until early last year that Jesse called me and explained some of the storylines, how Matsson got involved, and what he would be doing in Succession The entire structure.

He also mentioned blood bricks. This makes me salivate.

oh! This is part of the initial pitch? I’d probably say, “Jessie, you got me right up to ‘Blood Bricks.'”

Oh, it’s just the opposite. Not that he doesn’t have me! Because like I said, watching the show, it was like a dream, and being on the show, it was better than I thought it would be. It’s really one of the greatest, most creative pieces of work I’ve ever done, from people behind the camera and beyond. So of course I wanted to be on set, but when Jesse said, “There’s probably an ex-girlfriend who’s been sending frozen blood clots to him,” it didn’t make me any less excited. (laughs.) I said, “Oh, that’s delicious.”

“I have to Want to shoot these?”

I hope! That would be season five.

Don’t make us happy. In this episode, we will learn more about Matsson, and India’s inflated numbers. Some questioned whether he was really a once-in-a-lifetime genius, or if he was basically a PR creator. For you, when you approach Matsson, what is the balance between his genius and his incompetence?

He’s an absolute bull in the china shop. He subscribes to the philosophy of “move fast and break things”. He is the face of chaos. he likes. He wasn’t created by PR… There’s nothing fake about him. If you want to call him a “genius,” he’s such a mess. He moves with such speed, is so indomitable, and so fearless that he is a tsunami of energy and thought. He struck gold years ago and created something everyone wanted. This makes him a billionaire. It also gives him a lot of leverage to move faster and break more stuff. When you have so much money and so much weight to swing around, some things work and some don’t. But that’s fine only because you have a ton of weapons at your disposal. This makes him a 450 Pound gorilla. He can invest a lot of money in something. Being fearless has served him well in his career. He is ruthless. There was something about the chaos he created that turned him on. That’s why he’s excited about the whole Waystar deal. It’s so exciting. It was no longer a matter of money for him. He was beyond rich. This is the excitement of big shit happening.


Nate Sofrelli (Ashley Zukerman, left) and Shiv ( Sarah Snook ) and Matsson (Skarsgård). David Russell/ HBO

Last week, Kendall’s price spiked , and this week, we found Matsson similarly inflated some key figures. These two go head-to-toe towards the end of the episode, and it strikes me how similar they are in some important ways. Do you think Matsson sees Kendall as an equal, or is there no chance at all?

I think there are definite similarities. But deep down, the nepotism of all Roy’s children haunts him. He really doesn’t think they would be who they are without their father. It takes a lot for him to respect them. Shiv is slowly building that respect, but they haven’t even reached their father’s level yet. He thought their father was a jerk, but a smart one. these guys? They are fake.

Do you think Matsson even felt this way about Shiv? I’m curious how you feel about their relationship, especially after Shiv almost said she wanted to be his CEO.

He is 100% using her. It’s a wedge between siblings. He saw a vacancy. He is a predator. He figured he needed to get at least one of them on board. Roman goes out, but he smells blood in the water, which is brother and sister friction. He smelled the opening. He does move fast and break things, but he can read people. He saw this in Shiv and followed it. It worked. She let him in. Where we are now, he is still groping and testing her. Is she a charlatan too? Is she a little Nepo Baby like her siblings, or is she capable? That’s what he’s trying to figure out.

One of my favorite Matsson moments came last season when he told Roman how he likes to exploit weaknesses. Do you think Matsson was aware of some of his own weaknesses, or was a lack of self-awareness a weakness in itself?

I think you’re right. Sometimes he has a macro perspective. Sometimes, it’s very tiny. For example, he’s sending blood bricks to Ebba (Eili Harboe), which is obviously dangerous. It would be really bad for him if she made it public. But at the moment, he didn’t think about it, because it was a very interesting thing. He just keeps doing it. It triggered something in him. There’s definitely a moment where he realizes, “Oh shit, I must have gotten involved here. Fuck.” But he’s also an eternal optimist: “Okay, okay, we’ll figure it out fucking . I’ve got a whole bunch of PR people. They’ll handle it.” I think he also really believes in his charisma and charisma, to an absurd degree. “Ebba, we’ll figure it out; she has some influence, but she loves me, this fucking weird, dysfunctional, sadistic relationship we have.” He assumes she’s addicted to it, So it’s safe. But he’s downright unhinged at times, and obviously a lot of fun to play.

This episode really comes out, and at times, Mattson looks like he’s in what he wants to be the last place on earth. Other times, he’s rich. It was a spectacular night at its worst.

Well, it’s like throwing a gold grenade into a gray room suit. Hence, the golden jacket. This is one of the best segments to shoot for a number of reasons. One of them is, we’re all there. Before that, there were actors on the show that I hadn’t worked with, some of whom I’d never even met. It was a week of nighttime shoots where we were all hanging out in this crazy penthouse and I was interacting with the characters for the first time and it was so much fun. And then with Matsson, we’re going to see what’s so boring about him? What’s the surprise and fun? How does he navigate the room? With Shiv putting him on a small PR tour, how does he hold back while being himself so as not to come across as too wacky and unhinged? What would happen if he stayed there too long? What happens when he gets bored? Because his attention span is very short. Matsson won’t be bored. When he starts to get bored, he makes a change. It’s not a tipping point, but when he’s restless, he’ll fuck off and have some fun.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Succession New episodes release every Sunday at 9pm on HBO and HBO Max . Follow 1235401661THR ‘ s Inheritance Final Season Report .



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