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Suehiro Maruo's An Gura manga returns in October


October issue ‘s magazine announced on Monday Suehiro Maruo of An Gura (short for “underground”) manga in the magazine’s November issue, which will ship in October .

The manga debuted in the December issue of the magazine in November 2021, the first part ended in March of this year.

The manga is set at , At the height of Japan’s postwar economic boom and protests against the U.S.-Japan security treaty. In a revolutionary underground Tokyo subculture of avant-garde theater and folk movements, a part-time high school student named Migeru Mizuki tries to become a manga creator.

Harada Hiroshi

) adapted from Maruo’s 450 porn horror comic () becomes an anime movie 311. The comic also inspired May’s live-action film adaptation 1993. Blast Books published a North American compilation of the manga at 2017 . Maruo won the 12 2nd Osamu Tezuka Culture Award “Rookie Award” 1980, although he has been professionally drawing comic.

Last Gasp Publishing English comics by Maruo1992 . The comic was nominated for the 2017 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

Maruo ends his


) November Comics 1993.

Source: October issue and website



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