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Sukeina Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

folded exactly like Omar Salam New ways of tying his designs are as fascinating as they are, so he introduces unexpected perspectives through his concepts and symbolism. For example, the Sukeina spring collection is almost entirely red, but the designers hope we can see beyond this proud and powerful hue. “While the color is striking,” Salam said of his lineup, “it’s not really about the color at all. It’s more about its substandard nature.”

This male cardinal inspired the color palette of the collection and its meaning. (Females are brown and red). Unlike most species that adapt to blend in with their surroundings, these birds, named after Catholic bishops (who wear red robes), do not. Cardinal, as Salam sees it, “is so dedicated and committed to its beliefs that it doesn’t care what people think of it” – what the designer calls “total acceptance” based on “creators who make good” The trust that inspires this collection.

These clothes are exciting even without a backstory. They don’t run away from attention – but not because they’re particularly revealing. Salam stays true to his somaesthetics and his signature crafting techniques. In spring, the hard corners of the previous season were replaced by softer, more feminine touches. Lace inserts frame the mesh over a slender sheath; chiffon bows flutter from the ends of the boat neck.

Fashion Eye has been adjusted to mini length, Salam uses it to make skirts, strapless parties Great graphics for dresses and coats. He also raised the bust; a dress with a handkerchief hem and a tie under the chest that looked sexy and sporty at the same time. Another double punch comes from what looks like a pair of puffed jock shorts worn over leggings, but is actually a piece of clothing. “They’re like clown pants…almost a cartoon exaggeration,” the designer said. They are OTT in box coats, but look great in tank tops.

As effective as Sukeina’s overall look, pairing with an intricate skirt a simple turtleneck or button-down shirt shows how these special pieces can have “Daily Life”. Salam’s other adaptations are less obvious. To avoid the colors he chose becoming repetitive, the designer said he used different The way it’s made ensures that the red “feels consistent but constantly changing” – which also neatly describes what Sukeina is all about as a brand.



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