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'Summer Rental' brings back memories of '90s Slashers and 'Mean Girls'

For author Rector K. Ross, her latest novel is an opportunity to foray into the horror genre while incorporating some of the traumatic experiences of growing up.

Summer Rental is described as Mean Girls Meet Scream , centered on a group of recent high school graduates who rent a house on an island to live Over the weekend, only to find myself stranded on an island infested with a serial killer. Loose.

Published in June, the novel was inspired in part by Rose’s experience of being bullied by a former friend group as a child, and then seeing her stepdaughter go through a similar situation.

“I’ve always wanted to write a horror-like homage, but something else was going on in my personal life at the same time,” said Ross, who grew up loving “90s and ’80s slashers such as

Scream, I know what you did last summer and A Nightmare on Elm Street . “We talk about bullying, but I don’t think we talk too much about friends attacking each other. ”

Rose, whose name is Liani Kotcher, began her career as an IP trial attorney and began writing part-time, eventually reducing her Florida law firm hours while finishing her novel

ski weekend .

Ski weekends were also her entry into Hollywood in this book about six teenagers trapped in a snowstorm and their struggle to survive The effort, currently in development, is being produced by Saw producer Oren Koules and son of the novel Miles Koules. She wrote the screenplay and served as an executive producer on the project.

She noted with a laugh that the two were initially unsure whether she should adapt the screenplay (whether it would be wise to give an informed choice in the first place. ) time to write the crux of the screenplay?), but after some convincing, they agreed, and she had the first draft in two weeks. “I didn’t leave my room,” Ross said of that marathon writing session.

Prior to the writers’ strike, the team was hoping to find a more experienced writer to join them on their journey, and they plan to resume script development after the strike is over.

For Roth, writing books that could be translated into movies is a goal, while a screenwriter might ask a manager what to sell in order to understand market and cater to their spec scripts accordingly, Rose consulted her editor, Amy Tipton, who helps advise on trends in the book space, to help understand where Rose is putting her energy.

When it came to the

summer lease , Rose was especially proud after her editor read the first draft, given that Tip Don read a lot of thrillers.

Ross recalls early drafts: “She said, ‘I don’t know if you can write a murder mystery that I wouldn’t. able to guess. But I can’t guess the murderer. While a lot of work needs to be done, I can’t guess the murderer. “



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