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Summer Time Renders Another Horizon Game's Opening Stream

Official YouTube channel

MAGES.’ another based on The franchise began streaming the game’s opening film on Saturday.

The game will have six routes to follow the six protagonists, and there will be a comeback The cast from the anime.

The game will also be available as a limited edition bundle containing a strategy book with original illustrations and a

soundtrack CD.

Another Horizon “Time Jumping Adventure Game” will be released on PlayStation Released on 4 and Nintendo January Switch 14.

Animation by Yasuki Tanaka

‘s suspense manga premiered in April 11 on Tokyo MX and BS channel. The Walt Disney Company will air exclusive new animations worldwide, including on Disney+ on Japanese service. TVer will also be streamed in Japan after it airs. The show has episodes and covers the entire comic.

Publisher Shueisha described the story:

After hearing the news of Ushio’s death, Shinpei returned to his hometown in Wakayama City on Hitoshima Island. Reunite with the family of a childhood friend. The funeral went well, but beneath the surface, something strange was brewing on the island. What other mysteries await him on this secluded summer island?

Ayumu Watanabe (, ) directed the animation.

Seja Ho (, , ) Responsible for script and series creation.

Miki Matsumoto (, Characters are designed. Kusanagi ( and SOTSU, ) Responsible for art.NieRSeries ComposersOkabe Keiichi,

Takada Ryuichi and

Keigo Hoashi handles music at MONACA.

Tanaka released the manga in October 360, the manga’s Volume 4 and final volume shipped in April 2019. Shueisha launched

MANGA Plus January Manga Service in English 100. Manga printed under license by Udon Entertainment.

Comic It is also adapted from inspirational real people.

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