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Sundance Institute Sets Fellows for Plot Lab

Sundance Institute has eight new fellows.

The Academy today announced the newest participants in its episodic show, featuring Britt Adams, Gianmarco Giacomelli, Naomi Ko, Ricardo Pérez González, Samantha Clay, Stephanie Adams-Santos, Sylvia Batey Alcalá and Tea Ho will join the six-day immersion program.

Plot Lab brings together budding writers with original series IPs that have yet to be produced and provides them with the opportunity to work under the tutelage of established showrunners, producers and executives Chance. 2022 Partially starting today, eight fellows will participate in their pilot work and participate in story sessions, case study screenings, panel discussions and a writers room.

This year’s creative consultants include Daniel Chun (The Office), Shalisha Francis (The Wilds), Dara Resnik (The Horror of Dolores Roach), Erica Rivinoja (

) Clone High) Sanjay Shah (Central Park), April Shih (Fargo ), Brandon Sonnier (SWAT) and Graham Yost (Justified). Industry mentors include Alec Strum (Epix), Irene Lee (Netflix), Carrie Gillogly (AMC+), Neil Thomas (MRC Television), Dante Di Loreto (Fremantle), Erika Kinnear (extracurricular activities), Candace Rodney (Dreamville) and Kathryn Tyus – Adair (Staz).

The Lab is overseen by Michelle Satter, Founding Senior Director of the Artists Program, and Jandiz Estrada Cardoso, Director of the Episode Program. The Sundance Academy series was made possible by founding backers Lyn and Norman Lear and Cindy Harrell Horn and Alan Horn with additional support from AMC+, Epix, MRC Television, Netflix, Harry and Florence Sloan Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Starz Realize.

“This group is very honest and very entertaining on the page,” Cardoso said in a statement. “Their characters brought so many emotions to me, each catapulting in unexpected directions, which required the embrace of a broad audience. The next few days have been a creative turning point for our fellows, and it was an honor to be able to Bringing together the best collaborators in the industry to take up the torch of passionate support.”

More information on the participants and selected projects below.

North Carolina native Adams enters with Onyx, an underground intelligence-centric program using Pretend, fake identities and coercion tactics to combat injustice against blacks. She’s a multi-talented person who has guest-starred on ABC, Netflix, CBS, and more.

Giacomelli, described as a former Catholic screenwriter with an MFA from the AFI School of Music, to kill the Pope . The project follows an exiled British mercenary battling a crisis of faith who embarks on a mission to assassinate the Pope in exchange for a pardon and a chance to be reunited with his lost love.

Ko and 20-Year Curse, following Trindi’s Item

– Age Family Curse. To break it, she and her father Hae-soo embark on a journey that spans the physical and spiritual worlds. Ko is a Korean-American film producer, actor, and performance artist living in Minnesota and Los Angeles.

González will join forces with Orlando, an hour-long series about three generations of Puerto Rican women A uniquely chaotic recovery journey to rebuild life after Hurricane Maria and the Pulse shooting. González is a queer Puerto Rican writer whose credits include Netflix’s Designated Survivor .

Clay grew up

with . It follows a homely and unpleasant alcoholic who develops a sentient mole on the back in the form of a gorgeous second head with a shiny personality. Despite having different desires, the two must navigate life, but with only one body. West Virginia native Clay has seen work at Groundlings.

Adams-Santos arrives here with Sad Girl, focusing primarily on a young woman who finds herself with Primal natural forces have the same ability to create and destroy. Adams-Santos is a Guatemalan-American artist and writer whose work spans poetry, prose, and screenwriting.

Alcalá’s project is Blue Neptune. It follows a lively spiritualist who uses astrology to investigate the disappearance of her wayward sister, only to uncover a dangerous web of conspiracy that will force her to re-examine everything she believes in. Alcala is turning to family drama Ordinary Joe (NBC) and Realm of Dreams ( UTV).

Ho’s project is Oriental Town tells the story of a young Chinese American woman who learns about her A historic “Eastern” neighborhood in the Midwestern town where it was located disappeared a long time ago. She goes on a mission to unearth the past, only to discover the sordid role her family played in her disappearance. Ho, a strange Vietnamese refugee, is now Hulu’s We Are Lucky

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