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Sunny, unconventional street fashion in Los Angeles

L.A. fashion is bold, not overly-formal, full of individualism. Outsiders might mistakenly believe that the truest iteration of the “Los Angeles aesthetic” boils down to athleisure and logomania apparel. But spending a day exploring the city shows that there are bold and creative style experiments in Venice, West Hollywood and other hotspots. Over the past few years, a slew of exciting Los Angeles brands, including ERL, Elder Statesman and No Sesso, have masterfully curated the city’s sunny aesthetic and fine-tuned it to a wider range of tastes. Los Angeles is a fashion city.

So Vogue in iconic On a sunny afternoon, get out and capture the creative and creative street style that fills the city of angels. “L.A. fashion is a melting pot of a bunch of different cultures,” says one of the edgy subjects in the video. A range of inspiring looks are on display. One resident showed off a pair of red, s era adidas boxer boots – nice bronzed with scuffs. Found these boots by accident on Ebay. Lots of great stuff to buy from luxury retailers like flea markets, online stores, shopping malls and Dover Street Market. A theme effortlessly embodies Los Angeles trendsetters’ penchant for an effortless mix of high and low. She paired a tiny mini Miu Miu skirt with a self-cut vest, high-heeled Timberland boots, and a personal necklace featuring a photo of her father. Individualism reigns supreme.



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