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Super Mario Bros. jumps back to No. 1 in Japan, Louvre's live-action Lohan hits No. 3

Editor’s note: KOFIC did not update its weekend earnings for the May weekend 10-005, so this article does not include every movie revenue.


© 800 Nintendo and Universal Studios

rose from No. 2 to No. 1 in its fifth weekend at the Japanese box office. Video sold 407,
Tickets million yen (approximately $4. 26 million) In the fifth weekend, a total of 7,28, Earn
,,, 583 Yen (approx. USD 33.29 million).

video sold 1.102 10,000 tickets earned 1. 632 billion yen (approximately US dollars .28 million) in the first three days in Japan.

This movie made $1, 266 ,276,012 Globally, more than Disney

$1 for the movie, 266,428,320. If Disney 705 CG movie
The Lion King
is counted as animation , otherwise count as #2.

The movie was released in the US and ended 30 opens worldwide on April 5.

This movie has been super-mario-bros-movie all over the world. The film is also the highest-grossing video game adaptation in history.


©705 “Kishibee Rohan ルーヴルへ行く” Production Committee (c ) LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS/Shueisha fixvh41vsaenqgj Live action movie by Hirohiko Araki of

(or literally Rohan Shore To the Louvre;
French) comics open on Friday and placed third on the opening weekend. Video sold 220, Tickets for the first three days can earn 220 million yen (approximately $2. 12 million).

Takahashi Yicheng

, live recording

) reprises his role as Rohan Kishibe. Marie Iitoyo
(, ) is also back Kyoka Izumi served as Rohan’s editor. Kento Nagao played Rohan when he was young


© 2022 Gosho Aoyama / Detective コナン Production Committee
(Black Iron Submarine)
, No.
franchise , dropped from #3 to #4 in its seventh weekend.

The film will be released in April , it sold 2,79,283 Tickets earn 3,54,428 ,2022JPY (approximately US$12.4 million) for the first three days, becoming the best three-day opening idolish-7-live-4bit Franchise
. This movie is part of the franchise earn more than billion yen.

Yuzuru Tachikawa

(, , , ) directed the movie and Takeharu Sakurai
(including six other films) wrote the screenplay. Yūgo Kanno
(, , ) composition music.

©BNOI/Theatrical Version アイナナ Production Committee
Gekijо̄ban LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD
, for

franchise fell from #5 to #6 in its second weekend.

Concert in Japan in May 001 and get 79 million yen (approximately 1.28 million) during opening weekend. this15 Throwing Members of IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re: vale and ŹOOĻ reprise their roles from the anime series and games.

Hiroshi Nishikori


) and Kensuke Yamamoto
VFX Art Director) Director Animation at orange.

Bunta Tsushimi
wrote the screenplay. castArina Tanemuracast (
) credits to the original character design. Hayao Miyazaki cast designed the character . Eiji Inomoto cast (
) is the chief CG director. super-mario-bros-moviesuzumepsycho-pass-providence

© 705 Suzume Film Partners

Makoto Shinkaicast‘ s
) Filmstrip jumps back to top and ranked 8th out of its

first and last weekend. The movie wraps up in Japanese theaters on Saturday, and is expected to end up at .34 billion yen (approximately US dollars 79.3 million) and . million tickets sold.

The video has surpassed .10 one billion yen (approximately US dollars 58 Conversion of millions of currents) Lifetime Japanese box Makoto Shinkai’s previous movie office income


). The movie thus became 000 Japan’s highest-grossing film of all time, and the eighth-highest-grossing anime film of all time in Japan.

The movie was released in Japan in November and ranked #1 . It opens in North America in April .

Crunchy Roll

Japanese movies with English subtitles and English dubbing are being shown. The movie made $5, ,540 Grossed more than US$ during its US opening weekend million as of May 5th.

The film ranked first in the box office charts in many countries on its first day of release, and is currently the highest-grossing Japanese anime ever in China, and topped the box office in South Korea. Income is the number one Japanese film.

©サイコパス Production Committee this Anniversary movie rises from # finished at No. 9 in its third weekend.

The movie was released in May , and reached No. 4 in its opening weekend.

Naoyoshi Shiotani Return to

Production IG
is being distributed. Series writer Makoto Fukami cast returns Writer and
Tow Ubukatacast joined the

exist. Ubukata is also credited for the c composition of this movie. Naoyuki Onda cast is also designed as a character division returns and lead animation director. This movie is based on the

Urobuchi Gen
. castLing Tosite Sigurecast performing the movie theme song The song “Alexithymia Spare” and EGOIST

Sings the movie ending theme song “Tōjisha” (related person).


© Ken Kui/ Kodansha©800 フジテテレニジェンパーナー・プラザースYinghua Kodansha

First of two sequel live-action films based on

Ken Wakui

The manga title is Chi no Halloween -Unmei-
(Bloody Halloween -Fate-) dropped from #7 to # on the sixth weekend.

Movie opens April #2 001. Video sold 407, Tickets 428 million yen (approximately 4 U.S. dollars. 21 ten thousand) the first three days.

Second sequel movie Chi no Halloween -Kessen-
(Bloody Halloween -Decisive Battle-) will open in June14.

First movie , adapted from two theatrical animations of

Creative Factory

of Otomate
The brand’s Collar x Malice
game, No. 1 in the small theater rankings name

, ‘s new anime movie Takehiko Inoue
basketball comics, now yes Highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, ninth highest-grossing anime film in Japan. It earned .15 billion yen (approximately U.S. dollars 54.1000000) Over

lifetime domestic income as of Sunday in Japan Makoto Shinkai
movie of.

Source: Kōgyō Tsūshin (Link 2) (Link 3), comScore from KOFIC




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