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'Super Mario Bros. Movie' box office: All records tied

In a big win at the box office , as it continues to level off in the wake of the pandemic,

The Super Mario Bros. movie broke numerous records during its North American release and 22 internationality Market Easter holiday long weekend.

The film defied the most optimistic expectations and earned $ . Five-day domestic debut (April 5-9) of $6 million, including $117.4 million for a three day weekend. Overseas, it attracts $171 million for a phenomenal global launch of $.6 million , the best performance so far this year.

This adaptation of the iconic Nintendo video game is like a tent for all viewers, Thank consumers of all ages for playing the wildly popular Super Mario Bros. compared to PG-rated animated family movies. series and its many offshoots over the decades.

Also shout out to Chris Meledandri for Illumination Entertainment, the hit animated series Despicable Me

and minions . “ The Super Mario Bros. movie attracted an extremely broad and enthusiastic audience in theaters around the world this weekend.”

Illumination, its parent company Universal, and partner Nintendo may announce a sequel soon.

The following is the record set author Super Mario Bros. movie , not adjusted for inflation .

World’s Largest Animated Movie Opening Ever Super MarioMissed World PremiereWalt Disney Animation’s Frozen 2, slide to $204 million in November 2019, shortly before COVID- Crisis strikes. Super Mario has become the fourth highest-grossing animated feature of the pandemic era, with Universal capturing all four spots (the studio owns both Illumination and DreamWorks Animation). Minions: The Rise of Gru tops the list ($525.5 million), followed by sleeper hit Puss in Boots: The Last Wish ($ 480.4 million) and sing 2 (358.800w). At this rate, Mario could be the first ten of Billion Dollar Gross Earner.

Second largest domestic Animated Opening Movie

The comedy romp over Pixar’s Finding Dory ($.1 million) is second only to Incredibles 2 )($106 million) on the top weekend bow list.

Second Largest International Premiere of Animated Film Ever

Frozen 2 Still ranked No. 1, foreign launched $375.2 million. Super Mario has certainly set quite a few records overseas, including landing in Mexico the biggest animated opening ever ($. 4 million), as well as the best start of any Universal film and the third-best start of any Hollywood film. It won Best Animated Opening other foreign markets, including Brazil ($6.9 million), and top-ranked video game adaptation in
market as well as the largest global opening in market, including preview.

The biggest video game adaptation ever opened

Hollywood has been having a hard time adapting to the genre, despite having a Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog series led by recent success stories. So far, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” ranks as the best opening of a video game adaptation with a three-day domestic premiere$ List .1 Millions (That’s considered a huge sum considering the box office recovery is still in its early stages.) Best Warcraft ($183 million) in the same market. Sonic 2 was staggered internationally and cannot be compared.

So far 525 maximum opening price

Beating a Marvel superhero movie is no easy feat, but Super Mario is buzzing The buzzing past Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania , the world’s first release is $228.$3 million, including $70.1 million in North America and $106. 1 million overseas. Although the best series, Quantumania lost quickly Power .

Despicable I 2 was Illumination’s biggest global launch before $204 million-dollar equivalent market, and Minions with a three-day weekend $21.7 million.

4th largest global date and date opening in world history

Fast and Furious 7 ($225 million), Jurassic World ($412 million) and Fast 8: The Fast and the Furious ($525 Millions) is the only movie that does more. Quite a feat. Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen The previous record holder was $183. million.

Imax’s best animated opening ever
High-quality large-format exhibitors have been scoured for $.600 million worldwide and $1235369721 .6 million domestically, both breaking records. Overseas, Super Mario created the animated movie in Imax best ever markets including UK, Germany , Brazil, and Mexico, and Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Curacao for any movie in Imax history.




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