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'Surface' Boss on how season 1 finale 'doubled down on the show's premise'

[The following story contains spoilers for the first season of Apple TV+surface, including the Season 1 finale, “See you on the other side.”]

Apple Season 1 TV+’s Surface ends in suspense with Sophie, the protagonist of Gugu Mbatha-Raw , accepts her past identity as Tess Caldwell and returns to England to find Eliza of Millie Brady , her bloody face has troubled Sophie.

While Apple has yet to renew the psychological thriller, producer Veronica West says she’s considering a first season The ending, she wanted to find a way for the show to move forward.

“There’s at least one more chapter about Sophie’s past, which is why at the end of the pilot you hear the name Tess for the first time and these memories Millie Brady’s character continues to surface, and the reason they’re doing it is because it’s one of the most painful things that’s ever happened to Sophie,” West told the Hollywood Reporter . “In the real science of how these things work, the most traumatic memories may surface first, even if they’re older. They have the metaphor that the sled cuts grooves in the snow, The more over and over, the deeper the grooves, and if someone thought about this traumatic moment or the seminal thing in their life multiple times before the injury, those grooves would be deepest and those memories would come back faster. So with the idea of ​​this subtext and Sophie’s past haunting her in these memories of this woman, we knew we had to embed it in the DNA of the show from the start to make it feel like the next chapter organic, Where does this show go next if we’re ever lucky enough to make one.”

She added, “The most interesting thing for me is what makes Sophie Be this person. If the first season was about who she really is, what she really does, and in a sense she’s a bad person, what is she running across the ocean for? Why is she Restarting her life? What are these memories of her deeper past and childhood? How did she become the person we met in season one?”

West isn’t the only one planning a second season. Talk to THR at Surface‘ At the premiere in New York earlier this summer, Brady said she knew more about Eliza than the audience saw.

“A lot of what we found out about Eliza came later, hopefully if we do a second season,” she said. “I have enough character base. But what I really like is that a large part of Eliza’s character is also a mystery to me.”

back In her life as Tess England, Sophie appears to be faking her own death, running across the Golden Gate Bridge before disappearing and leaving behind her belongings. While Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s James initially denied that his wife was really gone for good, he discovered that Tess Caldwell’s bank accounts had been cleared and a video showed her alive.

As for when and what prompted Sophie to leave her life in San Francisco, as Sophie and James are still grappling with the death of Bardem (Stephen James), But also trying to restart her own secrecy when Sophie wanted to check on her, West said James’ behavior drove it in large part.

“Bardem’s death and believing that James was responsible for it [played a role in what Sophie did,]” West said. “But also through episode six, the flashback, he did create this false reality for her, if he had if Not like that, if he had told her the truth when she woke up that day, none of this might have happened. Baden might still be alive. As if she wouldn’t be looking for answers all the time or feeling overwhelmed like she used to be , the story would go in a completely different direction. So in a sense it’s Machiavellian, but I think what she’s doing to James has a real emotional purpose for her, like to him Hold up the mirror and [ask him] how it feels.”

Who is ultimately responsible for Baden’s death remains unclear, but James is in a heated argument Strong hints of Harrison (François Arnault).

And Arnold had previously told THR in Surface At the premiere, he was intrigued by the character’s journey.

“It’s interesting to explore the extent to which good people get into bad,” Arnaud said of his character, which he calls “very superficial” and “committed” to avoiding “Self-examination and-exploration and willingness to go to great lengths to protect his friendship with James, but also just an action man who should reflect more but not before acting.”

While many of the characters from the first season appeared to be isolated by the end of the finale, West said they could still return for a potential second season.

“[Sophie] will definitely leave a tsunami after her actions, so people don’t let sleeping dogs lie,” she said. “Even if Sophie has other plans, I think there’s definitely a chance that some of the people we loved in the first season will come back.”

Although Sophie seems to have resolved it She jumped off the ferry at the end of the first season, and while the footage seemed to confirm that, West said Sophie’s state of mind when she left the ship remains a mystery.

“There was a crossroads in terms of what happened on the ferry that day. I always believed she would never remember what she was thinking when she jumped, “she says. “She’ll never remember how she felt at the time, and we’ll get as much information as we can about that moment – we’ve seen video footage, we’ve heard eyewitness testimony, but you’ll never know exactly her intentions What is it. Did she jump up to end her own life or start a new one? In a sense, I always felt that it didn’t matter because what matters now is what she chooses to do now, even if she’s drawn from past scenes Got the idea, what she’s choosing to do now really doubles down on the show’s premise and shows how much she’s grown as a character and what she might be capable of in the future.”

After Surface started with an apparent suicide attempt, Sophie found herself facing the question of whether she had a history of mental illness in season one, and West said the show would continue to explore her psyche.

“At the end of the day, this show is really a psychological thriller. In that genre, we can’t really shy away from exploring the hidden secrets of what’s really dark inside people,” she says. “Sophie’s story is always about who she really is, how she really feels and the people around her. Those are the mysteries that the show solves, so I think hold up that mirror to her and ask her these very things about herself. Tough questions and asking tough questions about her DNA, her family history, things that will continue to torment her in her story and drive her to find more answers.”




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