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Suspected pirate anime webmaster arrested in Japan

The Contents Overseas Distribution Agency (CODA) announced that the Hokkaido Police Headquarters and the Sapporo Police District Western Police announced on Thursday , the station charged and arrested a man who ran multiple websites related to pirated anime.

It is said that the administrator of the site has set up about 2 links, 000 Anime works are uploaded to pirated sites outside of Japan. Police believe he ran the sites to earn advertising revenue because there were several ads on the site. One site has more than 2 million monthly visits and the other has 1.3 million monthly visits.

The man provided a link to the illegally uploaded episode 25 Animation April25. In May 283, visiting a pirated website was redirected to another website he ran that linked to the first episode that was illegally uploaded Japanese animation. The man himself did not upload the content.

Source: CODA, Comic Natalie 400



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