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Suspicious death of Mahsa Amini sparks protests in Iran

Protests rage in Iran – a country with a history On Friday, he has not been kind to political dissent since the death of a young woman named Massa Amini in the capital Tehran on Friday. Here are all the details about who Amini is, why she was detained by Iran’s morality police, and how her death sparked a wave of resistance in Iran, especially among women.

Who is Mahsa Amini?

Mahsa Amini, also called Jina, is a A one-year-old woman from Saqqez, a city in western Kurdistan province, Iran. Iranian morality police detained her outside a metro station in Tehran last Tuesday and took her into custody, where witnesses claimed she was beaten as she was taken to a detention center. Amini died in an Iranian hospital on Friday after being in a coma for three days.

Why is Amini being detained by Tehran’s ethics police?

Officials claim that Amini was detained for violating Iranian law that requires women to cover their hair with a headscarf and loose clothing Live on the limbs. Iran’s mandatory hijab law came into effect after the country’s Islamic Revolution was selective and often arbitrarily enforced, in fact, Amini’s mother claimed her daughter was required to wear loose robes.

How did Iranian officials explain her cause of death?

Iranian security forces issued a statement saying Amini died of a heart attack in a detention center, although her family has disputed the claim , insisting their daughter was in good health at the time of her detention.

How did the world – especially Iran – react to Amini’s death?

Protests erupted outside the Iranian consulate in Istanbul and in Tehran and beyond. In the Iranian city of Kerman, where women were required to wear headscarves in public, many took to the streets on Tuesday to protest Amini’s death, and elsewhere women were seen burning headscarves and chanting “women, life, freedom” and “death” “Dictator” (referring to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei). US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan has said the US is “deeply concerned” by Amini’s death.



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