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Sustainable Spa Retreat Forestis is the new jewel in the Dolomites' crown

While the pandemic has delayed the initial launch of Forestis 2020, its breathtaking setting, impeccable service and world-class spa Quickly making it a word-of-mouth hit among the more cautious luxury traveler. But if that makes it sound intimidatingly dazzling in theory, in practice it’s quite the opposite.

Perhaps most notable is the subtle and sensitive architecture, which is worth visiting alone. The historic building at its center – originally a tuberculosis sanatorium built by the Austrian royal family before World War I – was thoughtfully extended under the supervision of local architect Armin Sader A modern wing, housing a spacious restaurant, and three elegant pillar-like fiberglass towers (designed to echo the verticality of the surrounding woodland) house most of the resort’s suites and penthouses.

by Forestis

Instead of the clumsy kitsch of most Alpine lodges, Forestis has a design language based on simplicity, balance and an overwhelming emphasis on local materials. Behind the ubiquitous spruce that lines the walls and ceilings are dolomite foundations filled with a special mixture of rock flour, water, loam and beeswax; Woven from natural fibers from the region. (While Forestis understates its sustainable credentials, teasing out the list of measures the property has taken – from CO2-neutral construction to a fully renewable energy supply to relying on reusable food boxes from which Zero Waste Kitchen Collecting Produce by Local Farmers – Truly impressive read.)




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