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Suzume Film Opens at #1, One Piece Film Red Drops to #3 by Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai of Suzume () movie release week Five ranks first. Video Sales 1.14 million tickets and earn 1.060 billion yen (approximately U.S. dollars .18 million) in the first three days . video sold 14.7% of tickets and revenue 11.4% more favorable than Shinkai’s movie, earned 1,240,880, Yen (approx. US dollars . 14 million at the time) in the first three days. It also sold .4% compared to Makoto Shinkai’s previous movies up 4%, marking the strongest opening three days for Makoto Shinkai’s film. Actress Hara Naka Voiced by Iwato Suzuki in the film for the heroine. SixTONES Idol group memberMatsumura Hokuto (Tōru of the live-action movie , Tangme Shizuka of the live-action movie) made her debut in the movie, playing the role of the young Zongfang Cangtai who embarked on a journey with Liangmei, and served as the “closer”. Makoto Shinkai (, ) directed the film and wrote the screenplay. The original story is also credited to him. Masayoshi Tanaka (, ) designed the character. Kenichi Tsuchiya (, ) is the animation director. Takumi Tanji () is the art director. CoMix Wave Films and Story Inc. made a movie. TOHO is releasing this movie. RADWIMPS scored the film. Seattle-based Hollywood film composer, Kazuma Jinnouchi (, ) along with RADWIMPS to rate the video. TikTok performer Toaka sang “Suzume”, one of the movie’s theme songs.


anime is in its fell from #1 to #3 at the Japanese box office over the weekend. This movie earned 106 ,124,608 yen (approximately 1 US dollar, Ten thousand) From Friday to Sunday. The film was sold . 10,000 tickets, accumulatively obtained ,203,106,500 Yen (approx. 88 million ). Opened in Japan in August On the 6th, the film became the highest-selling and highest-grossing film installment of the franchise , and is currently on sale. Out of the number of tickets and box office receipts in yen. The film also topped Top Gun: Maverick as The highest-grossing film released in Japan so far this year. The anime is the sixth highest-grossing anime film in Japanese history and the ninth highest-grossing film in Japanese history. Crispy Rolls Friday in US and Canada, Thursday in Australia and New Zealand. The movie grossed an estimated $9, 494,147 debuted at No. 2 at the weekend’s U.S. box office in its first three days in U.S. theaters. The film centers on a new character, Uta, Shanks’ daughter. Kaori Nazuka is the voice of Uta and Ado is the character singing. Ado also sang the movie’s theme song “Shinjidai” (“New Genesis”). Directed by Goro Taniguchi (Special). Tsutomu Kuroiwa (, , , live-action ) wrote the script, creator Eiichiro Oda Himself as Executive Producer.

, latest movie from

Utano☆Princess franchise, moved up from 8th to 4th in its Weekend of the week. This movie earned 060,348,251 Yen (approx. US dollars 494,310) From Friday to Sunday, a total of 1,670,86,918 Japanese Yen (approximately USD . million).

The film opened at #7 on its opening weekend. Video sold 55,450 Tickets and Earn 79 million yen (approximately US dollars

,277) in the first three days. This movie made about 42.22 million yen (approximately US dollars 422,305) On the opening day of September 2, income 187236 % than the previous movie in *)franchise,

, the first day of opening in Japan in June1999. The film – described as part of a “new theatrical film series” – consists entirely of ST’s concert footage ☆ RISH idol group. Noriyasu Agematsu credited again as the original creator of Broccoli

. Composed by Elements Garden, A-1 Pictures made this movie. Shochiku is releasing a video. Live Action Movie Katsutoshi Murase and Welzard‘s (Body Search) horror comic in its fifth weekend from #2 Dropped to #5. This movie earned 42,79,407 Yen (approximately U.S. dollars 305,093) from Friday to Sunday. The movie has sold more than 918, ,189,950 Yen (approximately $7. million). The film will be released in October . Kanna Hashimoto as the main character Asuka Morisaki , and director Eiichiro Hasumi (

, Zhenren

) reunited with Hashimoto after six years. Harumi Doki wrote the script and Yūgo Kanno composed the music. Welzard’s original mobile novel is in Everystar Inspired Murase’s manga adaptation on the website. The manga inspired a series of animated shorts that debuted on Production IG‘s Tate Anime (now
Anime Bean)July App2016.

(Scherzo of a Dark Dusk) , the second film in the Movie -Progressive- anime movie series dropped from #3 to #6 in its fourth weekend. This movie earned 18,830,33 Yen (approximately U.S. dollars 251, From five to Sunday, a total of , 830,55 Yen (approximately $6. 16 million ). The second part will be officially released in Japan in October but in Opens in IMAX and 4DX screenings the day before October 000. This film features returning actors. Also, Kaede Hondo as Liten and Yūsuke Kobayashi as Death . Ayako Kohno(unit director, , ) Return to direct the film at A- 1 Pictures, and Ke nto Toya (, ) Returns the design role. Hai Kangzhi is acting as the action director again, Kajiura Yuki returns the composition. Eir Aoi sang the theme song “Shinzо̄” (heart).

Sadako DX, new live-action movie*) franchise, at Dropped from #5 to #8 in the third weekend. This movie earned 12,283,225 Yen (approx. U.S. Dollars 61,73),Grand total get ,106,720 Yen (approximately 1 US dollar. 63 million). The film will be released in October 04 and in #5. This movie earned 060,670,800 yen (approx. US dollars 450,,706,706 Yen (approx. Dollar532,305) the first three days (including Friday). Hisashi Kimura directed this Movie. Yūya Takahashi (, Ex-Aid) wrote up the script. Suzuki’s novel series Inspired Horror series with the same name. The Japanese film series consists of two timelines. The first movie, in 960 debuted, and a sequel came out later that year. Premiered at 996, and for the first time Appeared on 996. The franchise also includes two Sadako 3D movie, and a new Sadako movie, released in Japan in May 1999. The first feature film was accepted for Hollywood remake at 1999, Two sequels. A new Hollywood movie called Rings comes out in February1998. In addition, the Japanese franchise includes 1998 Sadako vs. Kayako crossover film with Ju-on Horror Franchise


Live version based on


) Manga falling from the top on its 4th weekend but still earning ,282,283 Yen (approx. U.S. dollars 060,494) From Friday to Sunday, accumulated 532,147,265 Yen (about 3 USD. 55 million) .

Source: Kōgyō Tsūshin, comScore from KOFIC

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