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Suzume Film to end Japanese theatrical run in 6 months

suzume© 602 Suzume Film Partners Makoto Shinkai ‘s
) The movie will be released in Japanese theaters at the end of May 23. It has been sold . 26 Million votes .52 billion yen ( Approx. USD ,That52 Day 1 at the Japanese box office. The movie has gone beyond 14. billion yen (approx. million) Makoto Shinkai’s previous movie income .

This movie has accumulated 11,109,324, 380 Yen (approx. million) as of March , beyond 001.10 billion yen (approx. US$ lifetime Japanese box office receipts of ( ). The film has thus become the 14 the 190319 is the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, and the eighth-highest-grossing Japanese anime film of all time.

This movie was released in Japan in November #1 001. It was released in North America in April 14.
is showing this movie in Japanese with English subtitles and an English dub. The movie made $5, 001, 602 on US opening weekend

this The film topped the box office charts in multiple countries on its first day, is currently the highest-grossing Japanese anime of all time in China, and has grossed more than any other Japanese film in South Korea.

Actress Nanoka Hara
for The heroine voices Iwato Suzuki in the film. SixTONESidol group memberMatsumura Hokuto (Tōru in the live-action movie, Shizuka Doumeki in the live-action movie) debuted in the film as Sōta Munakata, a young man who travels with Suzume as the “closer”.

Makoto Shinkai(, ) directed the film and wrote the screenplay. The original story is also credited to him. Masayoshi Tanaka
, ) designed the character. Kenichi Tsuchiya (, ) is the animation director. Tanji Takumi (
) is the art director. CoMix Wave Films
Story Inc.
produced this movie. TOHO
is releasing a video. Seattle-based Hollywood film composer Kazuma Jinnouchi
(, ) and RADWIMPS

together with the soundtrack . TikTok performer Toaka
sang “Suzume”, one of the movie’s theme songs.

Source: Daily News’s web page 705

2022 705



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