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Sweden is an ideal breeding ground for direct-to-consumer unicorns

Sweden’s socially driven tech prowess may soon spawn an e-commerce unicorn, digitizing directly to customers

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    Published: September 9, 2022 8:37

    Direct-to-consumer in an age where people crave personalization, digitization and trust from the brands they use (D2C)’s claim makes perfect sense. For Swedish tech companies, these three characteristics also happen to be three of their most valuable assets.

    It’s no secret that D2C has stood out over the past two years. As consumers live almost entirely online during the pandemic, they have been forced to forge new relationships with brands to ensure product or service availability, offer personalization after any purchase and subscription, and offer in terms of delivery and fulfillment more variety.

    In this regard, D2C is now the preferred method of building relationships for suppliers and customers. Relationships are built out of trust — trust in what is provided, trust that shared data will be used in good faith, and trust that their loyalty will continue to be rewarded.

    This is where Sweden’s e-commerce offerings resonate, as a socially inclined Nation, emphasizing democratization, accessibility, equality, health and innovation. The result is that many tech startups in the country are adopting the D2C model as a way to better engage with consumers and meet their current needs.

    In the perfect blend of industry trends and ecosystem products, Sweden Likely to be the D2C unicorn of the future.

    merge physical and digital

    Health and fitness may not be the most important thing when considering e-commerce The first sector that comes to mind when an opportunity arises, but it is in this area that Sweden is able to demonstrate its social strength and penchant for technology.


    , the product originally appeared in simple form at the end of the rope On a ball, users attach it to themselves before they can see how many times they can shoot or hit the ball before it “falls”. The concept has captured the imagination of Swedes as well as the UK and Germany, and a US takeover is imminent.

    “For us, our initial drive is fitness and fun, creating a piece of hardware that absolutely everyone can use in a gamified way,” said co-founder Jacob Eriksson.

    Both Jacob and his brother Victor come from a sports background, only hardware in Sweden The hometown gained its initial appeal.

    Victor recalls: “The first Christmas after the establishment, about 3,000. The next Christmas, that number went up to 6,000. Then, the following year, we sold 40,000—that number went up to 200,000 last Christmas.”

    The reason for the sudden jump? technology. As a hardware-only D2C product, it’s a fun, fitness-based entity that rivals similar pastimes on the market. But the subsequent launch of the free Boxbollen app revolutionized that proposition, promoting all aspects of community, competition, accessibility, monitoring and sharing.

    “It’s still just a ball on a string, but this is the consumer Eager participation,” Jacob said. “We’ve received feedback on how the product helps with friendly competition and a sense of community, as well as physical and mental well-being through its almost meditative movements.”

    Proof of Boxbollen D2C’s success comes from the company’s numerous Boxball Open tournaments, which attract Thousands of competitors

    in national, continental and global events. People of all ages, genders and backgrounds are involved, proving that Boxbollen is capturing this trend with the right product at the right time.

    Of course, not all e-commerce services have fun at their core. The idea of ​​a direct link between buyers and suppliers also has huge potential to provide more private or sensitive services in a discreet digital way.



    , which is exactly what the company intends to do through its at- Male family fertility kit. Once again, founder and CEO Mohamed Taha seeks to complement much-needed physical products with the promise of advanced technology to ensure the success of the overall solution.

    Matthew Staff Taha said: “We offer home sperm test kits , which is completely new in healthcare and is almost exclusively targeting female fertility in the form of IVF.. Matthew Staff

    “We do this for two reasons. First, there is a great need to provide such a solution simply because of the underdevelopment of the male side of the equation. But secondly, we also know that a D2C approach to this problem will help ensure that more men are ahead of the curve and have their fertility assessed earlier in the family planning process. “

    The Physics Toolkit is supported by Mojo’s Stockholm and London laboratories A team of fertility specialists, where patient samples are analyzed and then fed back digitally to the user.

    “Not only has health agencies traditionally excluded male fertility from the testing process, but it’s also a serious problem for men to feel sensitive or vulnerable to being tested,” Taha said. A dedicated team of professionals liaises and completes the process, avoiding embarrassing or scary trips to the doctor’s office, which is very appealing to many men. “We can improve the accuracy with the products we develop, while Delivering the personalised and refined service that can only come from more direct, one-on-one customer interactions. In this regard, D2C is the best way for us to meet this important healthcare challenge.”

    Next UnicornMatthew Staff

    Reaching unicorn status is a work in progress for companies like Mojo and Boxbollen, but there is no shortage of evidence in Sweden that digital ingenuity, A combination of trend timeliness and social tendencies can lead to global visibility. You just have to look at Klarnas, Skype and Spotify in this world to see what happens when these stars align.

    Brothers Taha and Eriksson both rely on the presence of the Swedish tech ecosystem and investor community expertise and enthusiasm to get to where they are now. And there is every reason to believe that these platforms will be even more successful in the years to come with the popular D2C model.

    Matthew Staff

    For Boxbollen, marketing partnerships with global celebrities and sports stars are already driving momentum. But internally, the focus is technology-driven.

    “We know the app is there to ensure traction, 80% of our product development is now focused on this technology,” Jacob Eriksson said. “This app unlocks the social and community aspects that people now look for from brands online, which will help drive the future of our company.”

    For Mojo, technology and medical capabilities are already market leading, but again it is the way the company communicates and reaches people that drive its success .

    Taha said: “It combines technology, entrepreneurship and solutions Societal issues that fit so well in today’s world, it really fits the Swedish style.

    Matthew Staff

    “If I start a company anywhere in the world, I’ll always do it in Sweden – investors have been there before, the talent in the universities is amazing, and people have been working on the first Get things right one time.

    “So our D2C products, with this set of characteristics, do not stop at sperm Soon, our unique and protected AI technology will also be used to analyze the health of various biological materials, allowing us to create the world’s first ‘biobank’ of human cell and health data.”

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