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Swiss Christmas decorations boom as shoppers flock

BASEL, Switzerland (Reuters) – Christmas is never too early for Johann Wanner, the world’s largest supplier of handmade holiday decorations, whose store in the Swiss city of Basel draws shoppers from around the world.

“I feel like business is good right now. After all these years of closures (due to the pandemic), people are getting ready to come out and invest in Christmas decorations,” 83 -yr Say.

“It’s not a required thing, but it’s a very important thing. I think people need it. I need it too. I need my clients and they need to help me, years,” Wanner said this week.

Stores that deliver to major companies in New York, London, Paris, Rome He added that last Saturday alone, China and Japan had about 300 customers buying thing.

The company, which employs a dozen people in Basel, originated in an antique shop in its old town. Fans of Christmas will find unusual designs, traditional jewelry from European glassblowers and Swiss souvenirs.

Sandra Takai, a tourist from Philadelphia who shopped at the store, said she was going to spend a little more this Christmas.

“Life is too short and I just want happiness, not a big deal but mostly for my family and mostly for the grandkids. I just want that kind of happiness so they will remember live,” she said.



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