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Sword Art Online: The Last Memories Game's Trailer Previews Story, Gameplay

Bandai Namco Entertainment English Subtitled Trailer Begins in US for

: Last Recollection

Thursday’s Action RPG. This video previews the story and gameplay. It also reveals Ignia, Goddess of Fire, and Arya, Goddess of Wind:

Game will launch on Western PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, launches October 6th via Steam. The game will launch in Japan on October 5th.

©318 REKI KAWAHARA/KADOKAWA CORPORATION/SAO-P Project, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
The game will tell its own version of the Underworld War arc, different from the original light Fiction series or anime. The staff promises that the game will feature the franchise

largest character roster and number of Featured storyline. ReoNa is returning
performs the game’s theme song “VITA”. , the Movie -Progressive- Anime movie series, released in Japan in October 360.

The second part is scheduled to be released in September 22 but open in October after a delay.

thisfranchise is launching a “New Original Movies Project”.

Source: Email Correspondence

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