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Sydney Sweeney Talks Her Latest Role – The New Face of Armani Beauty

My Way’s notes are also rich in meaning for Sweeney. Over the past year, she has carried fragrance everywhere. “I remember growing up trying to find a scent that represented ‘me,’ like if someone smelled it, they would think of Sydney,” she says. “When I tried My Way, I thought, ‘Oh my God!’ It’s actually me.” She, like Billie Eilish, is a vanilla lover: “Honestly, vanilla is my favorite, and I have Vanilla candles are lit everywhere. “I like to cook with vanilla because I bake cookies all the time,” she says. Then there’s orange blossom top notes, jasmine and tuberose in the middle. “I Love flowers; I have fresh flowers all over my house,” she said. “I try to have them delivered once a week, and [then] I save them and dry press,” she said. The other is cedar wood, which brings to mind her childhood and love of the outdoors. “I grew up by lakes and in forests with campfires,” she says. “It really brings back so many different memories.” and who am I.

Considering how much time Sweeney spends embodying different characters, it’s easy to see why anything that feels purely “Sydney” is special to her. Digging further into real life, Sweeney walks her rescue dog Tank, lights candles (“It’s a big deal for me,” she stresses), and focuses on the present moment as a way to keep her feet on the ground. “I guess I’m still thinking everything that happened,” she explained. “I’ve been working towards this dream since 11 and it’s been a very long and difficult journey. I’m really grateful that I’m finally able to take on this role. ”

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