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Sydney Sweeney's Latest Hair Color Takes Bombshell Beauty More Naturally

Sydney Sweeney is pretty much the epitome of the modern blockbuster. While, for most of her career, that slender figure has been accompanied by a much-desired shade of heavy blonde, her move to deeper, more natural shades in recent months has us rethinking that Stereotype. At the premiere of her new film Reality

, Sweeney opted for a soft toffee blonde hairstyle finished with split-split boho bangs, which Proof of the power of natural tones, even (or especially) on the red carpet.

“We dyed her hair late last year for the GQ Awards in London, but the color has faded since then and we just wanted to add some hairstylist Glen Coco Oropeza In 9/3 ‘Very Light Blonde’ Sweeney’s dark hair was brightened up using Wella hair dye in combination with 10/3 ‘Lightest Blonde/Gold’. It’s a delicate organic balance with her (totally Jessica Rabbit-inspired) crimson Miu Miu.

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Oropeza thinks Healthy hair is beautiful hair. “I really like when people get close to their natural hair color but with a little dimension,” he says. “I think we’re born with the color we’re meant to be and the color that suits our skin tone, so adding some small dimensional enhancements that are 1-2 shades lighter or darker than our natural color is the perfect complement to keep feeling just that.” like yourself. “

Sweeney notes that her shift to blonde – *Euphoria’s transition – *helped boost her career, raise her profile and secure her Now, though, Sweeney’s star power is such that she can cut back and find her bombshell in whatever aesthetic makes her (and her hair) feel her best.” Where no one really knows I’m a brunette Syd and I’m not booked as much as I was when I was blonde – but I’m back to brunette because blondes ruined my hair and I need to let it grow A little,” she told Yahoo Life

. “I feel like I’m myself again. “101010



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