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Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters Anime Movie Trailer Coming Nov. 23

(Movie: A Gift from Freya), Epoch‘s toy line’s first animated film, which starts Friday Movie trailer. The trailer reveals the movie’s November 23 opening date.

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CG Movie Answers the question of what is the secret that makes a Sylvanian village such a wonderful place. In the story, the bunny girl Freya takes the annual Qixi Festival in the forest village as the background, and tries her best to make everyone happy.

Xiaozhongheya (, 1987 ) and Hirotoshi Kobayashi

(1985 , ,

) Write the script. Jun Ichikawa (, , ) are composing. Frebari is making this movie.

toy line inspired a new TV in October at Tokyo MX and Sun TV premiered animation 2017. New cast members for this anime include Aya Yamane as Freya Chocolate, Saya Tanaka as Lyla Persian, Madoka Murakami as Ralph Walnut, Eriko Kadokura

as Melinda Cakebread, and Misaki Watada

as Creamy Chocolate. LandQ studios is producing a series of animations.

Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment is franchise of 1985 anime series, got a second and third season in 2003 and .

Japanese company Epoch in sylvanian created the original toy line . Franchise inspired 1985 American animated series, and 1998 British stop motion animation series. The franchise also inspired a three-part Japanese CG-animated video series 1985. In the United States, the franchise

is also known as Calico Animals .

Source: Anime Movie Website, Comic Natalie 198957




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