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Symphony Legends RPG Remastered for Xbox One, PS4, Switch

by Bandai Namco Entertainment

Role-playing game coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in March
, 2017. Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct presentation announced Remastered and “Early ” release window. The Bandai Namco store lists the game release date for all three consoles as March 31.

Nintendo describes the story :

In a dying world, legend has it that one day the Chosen will rise from the people, the land will be reborn. In this epic adventure, the lines between good and evil blur, and the fate of two interconnected worlds hangs in the balance. Follow the journey of Lloyd Irving as he and his friends try to save both worlds.

Bandai Namco Store is accepting Remastered: Pre-orders for select editions of all three console ports. The Select Edition includes the base game, an exclusive metal case, and additional art prints and stickers for US$.49.

Bandai Namco Games released the original ) The game is on the Nintendo GameCube at 2003 superior. Bandai Namco Games released the sequel, : Dawn of a New World , On the Wii in 2008. Bandai Namco Games has released HD remakes of two games, titled For : Unisonant Pack on PS3 in Japan in October

and in Europe, Oceania and America under the title Chronicle in February . The remakes of both games include English and Japanese soundtracks.

HD port released on February 2 for PC, 2017.

The first four-volume original video animation series in Ship. Its four-volume sequel debuted on 360. Crunchyroll started streaming animations last year. 2017

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