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Synduality: Black Animators Ryoka Yuzuki, Marika Kōno

Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bandai Namco Filmworks and Bandai SpiritsSynduality project’s TV anime ‘s official website revealed two other actors for the anime on Tuesday. The actors play the two characters Kanata and Noir meet in the fourth episode of the anime, which debuts next week. Cast includes:

Ryoka Yuki as Claudia the Drifter

©SYNDUALITY Noir Commission

Marika Kono as Claudia’s Magician Fram

The website also released a preview video of the fourth episode.

©SYNDUALITY Noir Committee

Anime premiered in July

. Disney+ is streaming the anime exclusively worldwide, with simultaneous airing in Japan.

Although the background of the game is set in the year .
Takeo Otsuka as Kakata 200635
Koga Aoi

as Noir 2242

As Shire
Kobayashi Yusuke As Tokyo
Komatsu Fumiki As Mouton

Inagaki Yukimi as Ellie 200635
Ohashi Ayaka
Ohashi Ayaka

    Taito Ban as Black Kamemon
    MAO as Schnee 200635
    Daisuke Sakaguchi
    as Michael
    Bang No Dahui as Bob
    Ito Mirai
    as Maria Main staff include: 2242 Director:
    Yusuke Yamamoto (, , ) 200635 Original story concept:
    Hajime Kamoshida (, ) 200635 Series script supervisor:

    Takashi Aoshima
    , ) Legendary Design:
    Miyatake Kazuko (, ) Art Director:
    Masuda Kenta Animated by:



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