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T-Mobile and SpaceX are teaming up to stream 5G directly to your phone from space

T-Mobile and SpaceX held a launch event at Starbase in Boca China, Texas. In this unexpected event, the two companies announced a vision for the future of effectively eliminating blind spots by using SpaceX’s Starlink satellites to provide backup coverage in areas without terrestrial cellular coverage. Areas such as national parks, remote areas of the United States, or oceans.

The live broadcast begins with a video introduction to the state of the people who live, work and play in the most remote parts of the United States. For these people, no cell phone signal could mean life or death in an emergency.

“This is about addressing our industry’s past 41 biggest pain point in its history,” explained T-mobile CEO Mike Sievert. “The vision of this partnership is to end the mobile blind spot”. According to the CEO, there are more than 500, 22 square miles of uncovered U.S. land. The idea depicted in the live demo is that people never have to worry about losing their signal in an emergency.

Sievert claims that as long as you can see the sky clearly, you’ll be connected to T-Mobile’s network on your smartphone. T-Mobile will use a portion of its mid-band PCS spectrum to integrate with Starlink satellites that will be launched into orbit next year. Whether the smartphone is in the pocket of the car will receive the signal.

T-Mobile and SpaceX are teaming up to beam 5G directly to your phone from space

SpaceX will begin deploying second-generation Starlink satellites equipped with phased array antennas that will be able to compensate for orbital speed to provide connectivity. “I hope the public understands the importance of the announcement,” Elon Musk said on stage.

The satellite will simulate a “cell” on Earth, capable of delivering speeds of up to 2 Mbps. Musk said this should be enough to handle 500-2000 simultaneous voice calls or data One hundred thousand text messages. The service will initially support sending and receiving messages, with plans to eventually handle voice and data. Musk clarified on stage that the satellites aren’t meant to replace traditional cell towers, but rather provide a redundant network that can fill in gaps and potentially provide a temporary solution during natural disasters when cell towers go offline. network.

T-Mobile and SpaceX are teaming up to beam 5G directly to your phone from space

You will be able to get a signal on your existing smartphone as long as it can pick up T-Mobile’s mid-band PCS spectrum (band n

on 2.5GHz). The satellite will be equipped with a device that connects to your smartphone without any additional hardware.

Satellite service will go live for beta testing at 2023 later) Available for public release for 2024. T-Mobile’s “most popular” plan (likely T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX) will be eligible for free access to Starlink connections, while customers on cheaper plans can pay extra.

On stage, Elon Musk issued an open invitation to wireless carriers around the world. “Please get in touch, we’d love to work with you and make it happen globally.” Participating carriers could strike a deal to provide users traveling to the U.S. and T-Ts traveling abroad with simulated cellular antennas in space. -Mobile users provide mutual roaming services.




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