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Tagawami's Fox and Tanuki Manga Ending


© Mi Tagawa, Mag Garden, Tokopop Beauty Garden‘s website posted on Thursday chapter is also the last chapterMi Tagawa of (

) comics.

Tokyo Pop is releasing an English manga which describes the story:

Long ago, the gods gave some animals great powers…but not all of those animals used their magical abilities for good! Especially Fox Xianzang became overly arrogant and abused his power until he was imprisoned for bad behavior.

After 16 years he was finally released, but There’s only one condition – he won’t have more power until he succeeds in helping a cub named Manpachi become the helper of the gods. So… the once-great Fox Spirit Senzou must now figure out how to be a truly great nanny to the mischievous tanuki, or risk losing his powers forever!

Tagawa Yu Mag Garden July website

. Mag Garden Manga Volume 6 published in September 2022.

Tokyopop released the English volume 6 of the manga in May .

Source: MAGCOMI (link 2) 2022



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