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Tai Tuivasa calls Jon Jones the best ever, but 'I think he's the head of the ad'

Tai Tuivasa is a Jon Jones fan. real.

It might be hard to tell, given the brief exchange the two had on social media a few weeks ago, but Tuvasa has a lot to say about the three-time UFC light heavyweight champion and soon-to-be heavyweight champion. level competitor.

on Monday at the MMA Hour before his main fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC Paris , Tuivasa explained how he and Jones exchanged messages directly last July.

“He actually texted me, which was funny,” Tuvasa said. “I must have said I would fight him [in an interview] and he would say, ‘Keep winning and you’ll get your wish’ or something.

“I don’t know if he was trying to scare me or excite me, but both. “

While Tuvassa’s conversation with Jones proved unremarkable, the Australian’s ascent up the heavyweight ladder — he Currently No. 5 in the MMA Fighting Global Ranking – making him a champion. If Jones is serious about increasing his legacy with a legitimate heavyweight fight, he and Tuvasa could eventually meet.

Tuwasa is excited about the prospect of a possible meeting with Jones, even if he doesn’t personally see him very much.

“I’ve said it many times before, and I stand by what I said, I think Jon Jones is the best fighter of all time,” Tuvasa said. “Just his fights. Way. How he fights, he’s probably the best fighter ever to step into a cage.

“But is he an adhead? Yes, I think he’s an adhead. Will I fight him? Yes “Will he fight me? I think he will, because he’s fought everybody and anyone. He’s one of the greatest, but I’d love to fight him. Not for anything else, just out For the same reason, I love fighting with all these famous people.”

Jones’s out-of-cage failures – including a hit-and-run The escape led to him being stripped of the UFC title in 2014, a failed drug test that saw him win again in 2017, and his arrest in Las Vegas after a domestic incident earlier this year — which has been made permanent He has damaged his reputation, but he remains one of the most accomplished athletes in MMA history. The Bones have only lost one of their 28 professional matches, being disqualified against Matt Hamill in 2009.

No fighter has actually beaten Jones in a fight, but Towasa thinks he might be the first to not only beat Jones, but beat him Knocked down people.

“Win or lose, I’ll go in and see,” Tuvasa said. “If I let him sink, I’ll sink he. Hit him, I hit him. That’s fair enough, you know what I mean? “



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