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Takaaki Hayashi unveils new Baki Gaiden Manga in October

October issue of Akita Shoten Monthly magazine revealed on Tuesday that Lim Hsiao Ming is drawing a new Gaiden spin-off comic Titled Gaiden: Gaia to Sikorsky will be featured in the magazine’s next issue on October 6th. The comic will have a colored opening page. Hayashi posted a picture of the announcement on his Twitter account.

The magazine teased that the comic was set a few days after the fight between Gaia and Sikorsky in the main story, and teased the “rematch” between the two in “Four and a Half Tatami”, referring to is the standard size of a small Japanese apartment. Hayashi makes fun of the manga as “Gaia and Sikorsky” “sometimes living with Nomura”, referring to Gaia’s alternate personality.

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2016 Source: October Monthly, Lin Xiaoming’s Twitter account 2005

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