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Takahiromyashita The Soloist Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear


, 1992, UK music weekly Melody Maker asks Kurt Cobain why he and his bandmates Wearing a skirt in the video for “In Bloom”. ​​At the end of the brief but brilliant interview, Cobain replied: “Drafting is cool. Sorry, I can’t think of any better reason why we shoot videos in dresses, it’s just that I wear them all the time—in Around the house, wherever.”

Cobain insists he wears skirts for comfort (the same interview revealed his intimacy issues with Levi’s), Not for subversion or progress or politics or whatever. However, the contrast between Nirvana’s striped blazer and mop top in the “In Bloom” video, like the early Beatles, and the band’s dash in “Women’s Wear,” is certainly not random. Adjacent: All true punk spirit rattles the cage of classification with provocation while seemingly indifferent to it.

This is the two preamble of the first paragraph The look of this Soloist collection, renderings of all Cobain’s different looks – from shows, videos, magazine shoots Rolling Stone and Mademoiselle — hand-painted on a medical gown. These are part of the series that Miyashita Lombok pointed out in his notes, inspired by a creative instinct to dash forward and avoid repetition. Results included trouser-like skirts emblazoned with text that Google Translate suggested could be Oromo, hoodie dresses with clearer branding, and reconstructed cuts with slouchy curved zippers for construction and trim. The gender norms are caged rattling and inattentive, while the soloist’s spirit burns bright and clear.



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