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Takara Tomy Confirms Beyblade X TV Anime Coming This Fall

baybladex© Tomy/ShogakukanTakara Tomy

confirmed her

X The project will have a TV anime, which will air on TV TOKYO

this fall Premiere.

Takara Tomy announced 41f9a770efad2b01d0063afae2c8c80e X Project for March. Takara Tomy described the project as a “fourth generation” (), 2008 of


), and of 198150)

. Toys from the

franchise will be available in July

Image via Coro Coro Comics June issue of Shogakukan

Monthly magazine published – page, full color preview manga booklet
Homura Kawamoto
(), Hikaru Uno (

), and (41f9a770efad2b01d0063afae2c8c80ePosuka Demizu‘s )

X Monday comics. The manga will begin its regular serialization in the July issue of the magazine, which will ship in June . Kawamoto and his younger brother Muno are credited with the original story, while Demizu is drawing the manga.

The story of this manga centers on a young boy whose goal is to become a professional gyroscope player. His goal is to go to Tower X where professional beyblade players gather. The manga will introduce new equipment and abilities for playing tops.

, seventh and The newest season of the anime series will take place at baybladex premieres on Disney XD

April 3 at 3pm: PM ET and Hulu May 8 in the US The episode will be available on YouTube after the US premiere) . The animation will also air on the company’s other regional broadcast partners. The show will have 15 Minute episodes.

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