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Takara Tomy / Tomica Collab with Ghibli Continues with New Toy Cars

Studio Ghibli and Takara Tomy toy brand Tomica collide for fun new Ghibli-themed cars.

Image via Hobby Magazine’s Twitter account

Since November 2022, the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy through its Tomica brand has teamed with Studio Ghibli to bring fans toy cars based on different Ghibli movies. To this point, Tomica has released nine such toy cars. But, Dengeki Hobby Web via Twitter announced the 10th Ghibli car recently:

[This week’s topic] “” No-Face is made into a Tomica with a melancholy figure riding a tub boat! “Dream Tomica Ghibli is full” 5th edition is here!!

The car features the character No-Face riding a traditional taraiben tub boat in a homage to when they were chasing after the titular character, Chihiro, near the end of the film. The car will go on sale in mid-January 2024 according to the Tomica official website, and pre-orders began on November 30. The price for the No-Face Tomica will be 1,320 yen (about US$8.86).

Previous Ghibli Tomica are the Catbus from , ‘s Savoia S.21F, the Sea Railway train from , the Tiger Moth from , the pop pop boat from , Jiji in a cage from , the moving truck from , Howl’s castle from , and Calcifer in a pot from . The Takara Tomy YouTube channel has posted a video featuring the first three cars listed above.

Each car can be ordered on the Ghibli Tomica official website for 1,320 yen (about US$8.86). Tomica limits the number of orders to three per customer. There are no details for purchasers living outside of Japan.

These toy cars are a fun little collector’s item for any Studio Ghibli fan. Hopefully we will see them sold worldwide.

Sources: Dream Tomica, Eiga Natalie



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