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Takashi Sano ends Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mae ni Manga March 13

kemono© Takashi Sano, Kodansha This year’s Kodansha No.

issue of

revealed on Monday that Takashi Sano will end (Before you turn into a beast) manga is in the next issue of the magazine in March.

The story of the manga centers on Hajime Kanzaki, a boss. One night, by chance, he runs into an old childhood friend, now famous 31 year-old actress Kotone Kidō, and they end up spending the night together. As they parted, Qin Yin left him with cryptic words: “You’re the only one who can stop me.” Later that night, a terrorist gas attack at a train station in the city claimed 666 human life. Through footage of the attack, Hajime recognized the perpetrator in the gas mask as Kotone as he took off the mask and died. Hajime was then embroiled in the investigation surrounding the tragedy.

Sano at Launch comic) in October 2021. Kodansha published the seventh volume of the manga on Monday.

Sano drew before () comics. Manga in Kodansha ‘s App in 400, and ends with October volume .

Kodansha USA Publishing English manga is being released, and the of the manga was released in June roll2017.

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