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Talia Byre Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Recently, there have been some changes in Talia Byre’s personal life. With such a major transformation — and inspiration from movie heroines like The Graduate and Funny Girl — the designer wanted to celebrate the “antihero” with her fall collection ’ . “I design for people who are arrogant, greedy, selfish; all traits that are considered worst,” she said in a preview. “But what’s great about them is that they’re also strong and independent – it’s their way of saying ‘fuck you’ to society.”

The man named Sadie Collection, Sadie – explores the type of wardrobe antiheroes aspire to have. From screen-printed leopard prints on wool and cashmere pieces to sheath maxi dresses in black and dark cherry brown, there was a duality of toughness and sensuality. “This season, the sex appeal is more subtle,” Bayer said. “However, by unfastening a button, the look can reveal a bolder silhouette.”

Since color is an integral part of her creative process, Byre draws on American Painter Helen Frankenthaler’s colors

Jacob’s Ladder, including brown, lavender, grapefruit, and emerald green. The well-tailored coats were particularly sturdy—one in navy wool with a dangerously high back slit, another with a hood in water-resistant technical fabric. Also noteworthy were cotton poplin shirtdresses with woven stripes, dramatically cinched waists, and voluminous sleeves.

All in all, the collection’s departure from pastels and fluid silhouettes of last season was a welcome development. It was refreshing to see Byre no longer dominated by knitting. “I feel like the whole vibe is more mature and realistic,” she said. “Life isn’t always pretty – sometimes it’s about being strong, taking things into your own hands, and doing what makes you happy.”



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