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Tanner Fletcher Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Last season, Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell hosted a prom-themed presentation in the West Village. Interestingly, the event was busy – maybe too busy – so this time they opted for an overnight stay. Instead of a showcase, they produced a digital picture book, and their theme was not a night out, but a slumber party.

“I think this season we found that people really became so immersed in the world we were creating that we just wanted to create a good vibe,” the pair said during a showroom appointment Said. So, for this season’s lookbook, the vibe in question was captured in an apartment in Bed-Stuy that has remained untouched since the 70 It was the duo who found it online. It could well be anxieties about newspaper economy headlines, or a general sense of weariness after September’s packed runway shows, but this season many designers opted to leave the runway in favor of lookbooks and digital activations. Either way, fashion is more than just a show, Richie and Kassell have built a world that is beautifully interpreted through their carefully curated imagery.

The duo finds inspiration in all things retro, and this season, they double down on that approach with a hybrid bag full of reimagined anachronisms: New Art Nouveau rose print embellished dress and button collar, ’70 tuxedo ruffles are applied to velvet cut lapels and side seams, Victorian ruffles and animal embroidery trim Knit pieces and dresses, as well as ’70 miniskirts and silk slips offered a touch of sexiness that Richie and Kasell hadn’t promised until now. The duo also launched a series of core pieces: cotton tank tops, T-shirts and boxer briefs with velvet bows as brand identity. “It feels like the bow has become our signature, so why not go there,” they say.

“We tried to make the collection cooler than it has been in the past,” says Richie, and as Kasell added, it was “definitely more grunge, but less retro.” Mission accomplished. Autumn has a slightly more mature feel to it. Sexier, of course, were the sheer tops, flattering tank tops, miniskirts and leather coats, but also more contemporary, more in line with what designer friends and peers wore. Gen Z/millennials are all about frugality and hodgepodge looks, and this duo captures that ethos well without losing their signature sense of humor – check out the slogan tee and sweater if You don’t understand, well, bless your

heart. 1950



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