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Tanner Fletcher Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Earlier Spring at Tanner Fletcher Carnival This week, the brand revealed its new collection during its prom keynote in the West Village. The space is adorned with vignettes showing what happens on an idyllic prom night: getting ready, posing for couples, dancing, punching and some post-party sleepovers.

Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell started their brand during the pandemic; the couple are both business and romantic partners. This was their second presentation at New York Fashion Week, and for such a young brand, they were acutely aware of their aesthetic and the opportunities and limitations it presented. The two tend to complete each other’s sentences and like to wear matching outfits, usually their own labels.Like many, they miss a time they didn’t experience, rather than indulging in the earlier “s, their obsession is rooted in ’60s, ‘s, and ‘ s. So a collection full of vintage prints, charming retro Tailoring and evening wear, along with cute bows and feather trims, all reimagined through the lens of a gender-neutral brand in Brooklyn 2022.

Richie and Kasell also found inspiration for interior design , which explains the transformation of vintage wood paneling into seasonal prints in tailoring, as well as florals that appear to be lifted directly from curtains or sofas 60s. They work best when they are used unusually, such as silk ties or printed on bespoke suits or camp collar buttons and shorts On clear sequins. The latter, in fact, feels like the best intersection between novelty and their brand’s core commercial endeavours.

Some of the spring highlights include denim, such as jeans with embroidered detailing or denim with diagonal crystal stripes, and sexier pieces, such as tiny squinting slip dresses or plain black suits. Here’s an opportunity for designers to explore a sexier – albeit still inherently quirky – collection that edge to the point that still feels in line with their whimsical design ethos. Likewise, there’s room for their suits and dresses, though They’re beautiful and well-made, but not too close to their vintage references.

Richie and Kasell have a simplicity in their work that is punctuated by their humor and quirkiness Offset. Their catchphrase keeps getting funnier season after season: A “Gorgeous Illusion” sweater and a “Spoiled Kid” baby vest add a sarcastic tone from which the more serious parts of the collection draw from Benefit.With the duo Moving forward, the trick will be to continue to find a balance between retro nostalgia and their more modern creations.



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