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Tanya Taylor Pre-Fall 2024

Tanya Taylor’s use of orange in her pre-fall collection is like a visual shot of vitamin C for a wardrobe. A sleeveless pleated cotton midi-dress, a paillette-covered slip skirt, and a mini with the same discs applied over a blue-and-white shirting fabric visible at the waist and hem deliver that citrus color pop in venti, grande, and tall proportions, as it were.

The designer is reveling in the feedback she’s been getting in her new Madison Avenue shop and also responding to it. “I’ve always wanted to create for real people,” Taylor said in a preview. “Having the store helped me build lanes of how we do denim, how we do playful and magical….” A great example of the former is a sailor-like top with buttoned sleeves reflective of her desire to “make pieces that feel more versatile with the opening of buttons, with tying, with the way you can style things more fun.” Most fanciful is a dress featuring one of Taylor’s own floral designs, with ribbon and fabric streamers cascading down from the shoulders.

“No one’s typecasted,” said Taylor when asked what she has observed at the store. This is reflected in a balanced lineup in which there is room for a polished tropical wool pantsuit with a slightly cropped shirt jacket and a more casual-leaning Breton stripe, which is placed horizontally on a tunic dress and cute everyday top. All in all, a collection of relatable pieces that possess that elusive something extra. Once primarily known for her floral dresses, Taylor is growing as a designer.



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