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Taraji P. Henson, Bill Hader, Padma Lakshmi & More Emmy Nominees Talk Historic SAG-AFTRA and WGA on strike: 'This will be an opportunity to encourage each other'

2023 The announcement of the Emmy nominations of the year brought just as much confusion on Wednesday, with some Most Respected TV Stars Look Forward to SAG-AFTRA Strike Officially Announced in One Day – Emmys Campaign to Stop Immediately as Strike Rules Prohibit Action on AMPTP Member Produced TV series for any promotion.

As is customary on Emmy nomination day, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed many of the nominees about Hours after they learned they had nodded in agreement, but this year, the looming strike became the inevitable topic. as Sheryl Lee Ralph, a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) negotiating committee, who is also known for Abbott Elementary (Abbott Elementary), nominated for a second consecutive Emmy , told THR on Wednesday, “We are not Million dollar corporation. No, we’re human, we want to enjoy what we do, we want to make a living doing it. That’s what this is about.”

below It was the nominees, including Niecy Nash-Betts, Taraji P. Henson, Bill Hader, Paul Walter Hauser, Tyler James Williams, Kathryn Hahn, Diego Luna, Padma Lakshmi and more – who had to say something about this historic moment in Hollywood. Anthony Carrigan (Supporting role in comedy series, Barry )

“It’s obviously a very wild time right now, and we’re on the eve of potentially even wilder times. But I Really hope the actors and writers can get on the same page and make them feel like we’re protected, we’re compensated, we’re human – real, living human beings who created this art are being valued. Because there’s nothing like The real thing.” Phil Dunst (supporting role in comedy series, Ted · Laso )

“It’s hard, isn’t it? Decisions to make aren’t really in our hands hands, but I have always been a supporter of our union and a supporter of the right to strike. I support the Screen Actors Guild of America in these ongoing negotiations to find a deal that is not only suitable for the actors, but also fair. Limited series, Swarm)

“I think all artists deserve to be the ones they work to get Fair compensation and respect. We work on projects and then leave family and friends, sometimes for months at a time. The hours you spend on set impact your personal life. I wouldn’t trade it at all; I love what I do, and there are other ways an artist can feel respected and appreciated. I’m in a situation where I don’t try to control things that are out of my control. Today was really just celebrating and living in the moment, whatever happened to the strike, it happened, whatever was supposed to happen, it happened. ” Bill Hader (Star, Comedy Series Writer and Comedy Series Director, Barry


“I just want a deal and we get a fair deal. This is a very important strike. Sometimes people think it’s people being overzealous or something, but it’s a big problem. I’m really proud of everyone on this show, especially our writers, and I’m so proud that we’ve had four seasons and we’ve been nominated for Best Series every year. Personal feeling is really great. “

Kathryn Hahn(Limited heroine,Tiny Beautiful Things)

“My advice to young actors is to let them know this is for the benefit of the rest of their careers. Just know and trust that it’s important. Now is the time to dig deep and read, and remember that problems will be solved when they need to be solved. This is a strange moment. The future is happening, and change is happening with the future. It can be uncomfortable, and, you know, sometimes you wish things didn’t have to go to these places. …I pray and remain optimistic that things will get better for the industry, all staff and all my friends in other departments, and other departments that I love dearly. It’s about the whole team and it will be an opportunity to improve each other. I want everyone to get what they deserve. “

Paul Walter Hauser (supporting role in limited series, Black Bird)

“I think our streamers and our studio… are part of what keeps these great stories going and I’m so thankful to them What has been done for us will continue to be done. Having said that, no one wants to be in an abusive relationship where one group overrides the other and slowly but surely diminishes their rewards. I just think it’s a distasteful thing, and I hope the hearts of the studios and streamers are right. We all need each other, and we [need to] acknowledge that these creatives work hard and are talented, that they live in expensive cities like Los Angeles and New York, and that they have families. I sympathize with these people, and I hope the streamers and studios sympathize with them too. ”

Taraji P. Henson (guest actress in comedy series, Abbott Elementary School )

“I really care about this AI movement. [I saw a video on social media] where Nicki Minaj’s entire likeness was used. God, have we gotten to this point yet? I mean, you’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, but once you actually see it happening, that’s, we’ve got a really big problem here. So now I’m really frustrated. But I’m in a position where I can strike. My concern is actors who may not be as stable financially as I am. My heart goes out to the writers, people just want to work in this economy. You know, people just want to work. I just hate it. It’s all greed. Greed will be the end of humanity. You can’t just steal a portrait of a human being; you can’t do all this work as an artist and let a computer generate you. It’s just not fair. “

Theo James (supporting role in TV series, White Lotus )

“Writers need solidarity and support. Everything we do as actors begins with the written word, and without that sense of equality, then we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. We need to support this as much as possible. And then in terms of AI (all) – because it’s hard to imagine right now, but it’s going to change quickly – I understand and support that there needs to be language for writers to know who they’re going to be. Free from [AI influence]. Not literally writing the script, but there needs to be an element of protection. ” Padma Lakshmi (reality show or competition host, Top Chef ; non-fiction series or special hosted by, A Taste of the Country with Padma Lakshmi )

“I think [SAG-AFTRA is fighting for] a lot of the same things we are fighting for in the Writers Guild of. I’m a member of the Eastern Writers Guild; I don’t think I’m an active member because I haven’t written anything in three years, but I am a member, and I’m certainly a member of the Screen Actors Guild of America. I think everyone on set is important to the creative process, especially the people creating the material and the people interpreting it. I look forward to a fair resolution on both fronts as soon as possible. I don’t think it will be soon, but I hope soon. “

Diego Luna (Nominated for Best TV Series Executive Producer, Andor)

“I really hope things get better and things get better soon, We provide a healthy environment for everyone, not just actors, but everyone in the industry. I’m worried about the future, but [I] support the strike and support the union. I think what we’re seeing with writers and what’s happening with SAG today is pretty remarkable. We live in a polarized world where there doesn’t seem to be any consensus. Seeing people come together gives me hope, you know? People coming together, understanding the power of numbers and fighting in unity is an important reminder today of what we need to do as citizens of this world: work together and find solutions to bring them because they are needed . I really hope this brings out the best in everyone and that soon we can get back to work and provide a more fair and just environment for everyone. ” Niecy Nash-Betts (Supporting Actress in Limited Series, Dahmer — Monster : The Jeffrey Dahmer Story)

“You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Today, we celebrate, and tomorrow is another day. We want to make sure everyone is [working] on a contract that they feel good about. I just hope everyone agrees and makes this happen sooner rather than later. ” Tyler James Williams (Best Supporting Actor, Abbott Elementary )

“I’ve had friends who have been regulars on the series over the years and we’ve been talking about this for years since the streaming model came out . Officially living in LA is next to impossible since most TV shows are either filmed there or your workspace has to be under an exclusive agreement No residue on the episode arc. This is not sustainable. It’s a crazy thing to see that happen to people. I know it’s going to be scary at first; it’s going to be a tough time for a lot of people because, you know, we just don’t work. We need to fix these things. We cannot keep letting them go and leave individual actors to negotiate for themselves, because they are not always in a good position to do so. As a union, we must protect each other. Honestly, it’s been a long time. It might cut Albert’s season three episodes [running] or whenever we start filming again, but that’s neither here Not there either. The point is that (actors) should be able to live and sustain themselves, just as writers should.

Reporting was contributed by Kirsten Chuba, Hilton Dresden, Chris Gardner, Xennia Hamilton, Sydney Odman and Esther Zuckerman.



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