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Target! The 22 Best Hollywood Football Movies

For the next four weeks, most of the planet’s obsessed with ball form football, football, will spend the majority of their waking hours watching, discussing and debating – at Shout out on social media and elsewhere – the World Cup. The world’s number one sporting event will be held in the small Middle East emirate of Qatar from November 18 to December . Controversy over Qatar’s human rights record has cast a pall over this year’s tournament, but some 5 billion people — or a billion B’s — are still expected to tune in.

Given football’s incredible popularity – even the US has a football craze thanks to the revival of the national team, and Ted Lasso – It’s no surprise that filmmakers have been trying to distill the essence of football on celluloid for years. The results, to put it mildly, were mixed. But for every British gangster drama – we’re looking at you, Football Factory, Green Street Hooligans and Foot Soldier Rise – There have been touching rom-coms, heart-pounding social dramas, insightful documentaries and even captivating animations that explore the passions the sport inspires using the action on the pitch as a starting point .

So if the World Cup has you craving more on-screen football, here are the 18 best movies ever made about this beautiful game.



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