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Taro Yoko's reaction to beating Neil: The Automata Girl on Tinder: 'Glory to the Humans'

Jen becomes became fandom’s newest celebrity this month when she shared her Tinder story: She’d “wander around Tinder, get people to buy, and turn them into ghosts.” Before quitting the dating service, she persuaded 22 men to buy the game. Game director Taro Yokoo himself responded to the funny story, tweeting: ” Glory to humanity. (◎Blood◎)”

According to her response to Kotaku , Jen would recommend the game to her opponents while chatting. She admits that most of her gains have little to say after they buy the game and consider it a sex trade. Still, she was surprised how many men actually bought the game, with ulterior motives or not. Eventually, Jen became disillusioned with Tinder as a social connection platform and began imitating her before leaving the service entirely the match of. She is now teaching daily on Discord. By the way, since she posted nude fanarts of the two main female characters in the game, Taro Yokoo has Keep following Jen on Twitter. Glory to humanity, indeed.

Source: Taro Yoko’s Twitter account, Kotaku (Patricia Hernandez)




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