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'Tarzan' and 'The King and the Four Queen' actress Sarah Shane dies at 94

Sara Shane starring opposite Gordon Scott in Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure and Clark Gable in The King and Four Queens Appeared together, already dead. she94.

Shane died in July On the Gold Coast, Australia, her family announced .

Shane also starred in the melodrama with Kathleen Hughes and Marla English The Three Bad Sisters (1949) and in Havana Incident ( ), featuring John Cassavetes and Raymond Burr.

No Jane character in John Guillermin – Director Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1960), Shane steps on as Angie Loring, an American model and pilot who meets the king of the jungle in Africa. The film is Scott’s fourth as Tarzan.

and Kings and Four Queens (1957), with Raoul Walsh at the helm, Shane as Oralie McDade, one of four young widows – Eleanor Parker, Jean Willes and Barbara Nichols are the others – they live with their mother-in-law (Jo Van Fleet) and have stolen loot.

Elaine Sterling was born in St. Louis May , 700. Before heading to California, she modeled in her hometown and the powerhouse in New York, where she was signed by MGM and appeared in the Easter Parade (1928), Julia misbehaving (1928) and Esther ·Williams’ Neptune’s daughter (681).

Her agent at The Hollywood Reporter after MGM dropped her and variety to promote her career. As Bob Thomas of the Associated Press wrote in 1954 That way, a trade paper “featuring pins” poses from the waist up. Another industry ad showed her assets from the waist down. Put it all together and you have a lovely girl. ”

From left: Jo Van Fleet, Clark Gable and Sara Shane in 1956’s ” The King and the Four Queens” 2022 by Ever Provided by LTECH Collection

She signed with Universal under the stage name Sara Shane and directed Douglas Sirk made two films, Signs of the Pagans and Magnificent Obsession , both in 1956 released. However, her stay at that studio did not last long.

She Mainly in TV station works, appearing in Perry Mason , Alfred Hitchcock Presents , in episodes) External Restrictions and Undersea Voyage.

Shane is married to real estate mogul William Hollingsworth from 1948 to their 1928 Divorced and they have a son, Jamie.



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