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Tasty PartyPrecure ‒ Episodes 28-29

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I’m not sure I’ve seen Saying so myself, but I hope we haven’t seen the last Narcistoru yet. Episode twenty-eight finally gives us a tantalizing glimpse into his background, which seems to be one of the saddest elements in the series – the reason he steals people’s food-based memories is because he himself seems to have only good memory. Twistedly, he might even think he’s helping people because if they don’t have the memory of food, they won’t be hurt the way he does. Alternatively, we can interpret it as his attempt to appropriate other people’s positive food memories for himself, using other people’s warm feelings to warm his own heart. In either case, he didn’t make it, but now that he’s in the custody of CooKingdom, he might have a chance to reform. Or being imprisoned will just make him more mad at the food, but I hope his imprisonment is his chance to heal his soul. After all, this is not real life.

Although the final battle of Narcistoru is the real content of these two episodes , but the girls’ trip to the CooKingdom is a cute little glitch, but still has some serious plot points. Fennel and Mali let us know that Delicioustones are not naturally occurring substances (as I assume), but are made by someone called a “master”. This makes it all the more shocking that the Bundoru Gang have a particularly delicious sound, because it means they’ve learned to make them for themselves; if they somehow got them, their source could be hunted down and stopped, but if They have a way to make them, then it becomes more difficult to stop production.

And the Secretoru we finally saw in action this week apparently is the operating brain. Even if we put aside the fact that she reprogrammed Spiritoru, she’s the only Bundoru member we’ve ever seen trying to actually infiltrate CooKingdom, and the fact that she’s fooling Mari and Fennel doesn’t bode well for either of them. Cerfeuil, the young knight apprentice who took the girl around, did spot her, but it wasn’t as sharp as his, more like the kid in

The Emperor’s New Clothes – the only one who knows to say when something is wrong. Cerfeuil is also a great example of confronting fear to overcome fear, but I don’t think we can forget the villains in which the first two fighters failed to spot.

It’s a pity Takumi couldn’t go with you all, but it also has Makes sense, since he’s still skeptical about letting the healer know he’s Black Pepper. It’s not entirely clear why (is it leggings?), but since it could be related to redeeming cinnamon, it does make sense to hold off on that particular disclosure for now – Mary only mentioned to Anise for the first time that cinnamon might be this week has been framed. Black pepper may also have taken away Cerfeuil’s moment, and since Cerfeuil could be a bigger piece of the puzzle, I can see why they didn’t want to jeopardize that. I can’t help but notice that if Narcistoru is After the reform, we’ll have three boys (probably boy warriors) to four girls, so it feels worthwhile to see if a fourth is introduced.

The big news for Cure in these episodes is Kome-Kome girls Finally, it seems to have a purpose beyond cuteness. While I kind of wish she’d be the fifth healer, it’s still great to give them an energy boost, and the party candle festival looks really good. Their new outfit is fancy and not fussy, and if Finale’s veil is the odd bride, well, I think the Precious sleeves make up for that. (They don’t, really; I just love them.) Add to that a glimpse of past seasons of “The Cure” in a cameo at the end of episode 28, which is two very solid episodes, the truth. On CooKingdom looks like where Willy Wonka and Strawberry Shortcake’s kids live.


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