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Taylor Backman on reducing costs with an all-in-one solution

Recently, Small Biz in : 15 On Location, head to Austin, Texas for Zoho Day 2022. Here, Zoho senior evangelist Taylor Backman sits down with Small Biz Trends executive editor Shawn Hessinger to discuss the benefits all-in-one small business software can do for your company.

3 Advantages of integrated business software

    1. Here is a solution for you with several different solutions.

Shawn: If you’re a very small business and you’re just getting started with technology, can you talk about some ways to use one solution instead of a plethora of different solutions? Advantage?

Tyler: I think if you are looking at oneness machine, you’re thinking about what are the different things businesses are doing, what are we doing as an organization? Then we’re looking for a solution that best meets those requirements, and then we’re also expected to grow over time or expand our usage over time.

So, I think, with that mindset, you’ll obviously find something that works for you, and the price will be Be as comfortable as you want and everything will be fine.

But over time you’ll save a lot of money and time instead of making too many changes down the road because all those changes become very expensive…. ..because now all the data that lives in one place will be used in another product.

Or you now have to go and buy another product that has added fees and now you have to integrate a more expensive product. Now costs have been spiraling out of control.

So, see what we have requirements, what reasonable requirements may be in the future, we can start thinking about finding a matching solution, reasonable price, applicable to you today, there are Many bonuses can continue to be paid.

2. Integrate critical business data into one central location.

Shawn: You mentioned integration, and I guess that’s one of the real advantages because in some cases you’re dealing with data, CRM systems and other things like that. Can you give some examples of systems you might have in an all-in-one solution you want to integrate?

Taylor: Of course. I mean, if we have, for example, where do we keep all of our customer information? Therefore, we have a central location to hold all of our customer information. Once we have a central place to think what are all the interactions we have with that customer?

Therefore, no matter what channel or any way or form of communication we have with this customer, we want to ensure that Consolidate it so that the data flows into that customer record and we have a full view of it. Obviously this will be helpful anytime you want to reach out to them and talk to them.

Then, of course, it depends on the type of business you have ‘If you are selling physical products online we would also like to integrate those records into the system so we know they are Which products are being purchased.

If we are a service based company and we have a contract and now we have to start billing by the hour, then we also want our project management tools to connect . So we can make sure we track it well and bill it well and have a good track record there. And then, of course, customer support, if we really support customers, we want that.

3. Automation saves time and money

Shawn: I think if your The data is not all in one place like your customer data and you have multiple different sources then it even takes a lot of time to transfer that data back and forth…or a way a small business can figure it out and work it out to see the savings Fees, because I think there are savings beyond the price tag of the software.

    Taylor: I mean, very Hard to know exactly. But think again about the sheer number of people working in administrative jobs where data is entered. Hopefully your organization doesn’t have too many of these things.

    but if you have, think of a way you can now automate it in some way or consider exporting in some way All these spreadsheets so that they can merge spreadsheets or create a spreadsheet that can then be turned into a mini-spreadsheet and merged again.

    Think about what those processes are, and now think about how much time it will take. If you have employees doing this, attach the cost of their time to these tasks, right? If you can start automating now, or just get better organized in terms of data, if you can start taking it out of their job responsibilities, then you can attach the actual dollar figure to what you save by using these new features money on tools and create new processes.

      Shawn: Let’s also talk about the benefits of customer service, because if you have 20 apps you have 20 customer service centers instead of 1 to deal with.

      Taylor: That’s another story. You have 20 contracts in process with 20 different payment plans in 20 different billing cycles and 20 different user accounts that must be set up, managed and activated. That’s a big question, right?

      I mean, you can run it as a small thought experiment. You are using ten apps, and you have to join a new employee to do this. Do those ten times instead of doing that one time. How much did that cost you? right there. This is just the beginning, right? So yes, there will definitely be a lot of layoffs.

      When choosing small business software, remember to keep it simple, an all-in-one solution can sometimes provide a variety of services at a lower cost.

      Be sure to watch the rest of this episode for other helpful business tips and highlights such as:

        Integration brings more real advantages to the in-one software platform.

    Calculates the cost of the redundant process of the method, and See savings in addition to the price tag on the software.

    How to avoid when choosing the right all-in-one software Get caught in a marketing whirlpool that leads you into inappropriate and unnecessary expenses.
    How to determine if an all-in-one solution is right for your location type of industry.

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