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Taylor Hill Channels Linda Evangelista for a Night Out With Burberry

Taylor Hill is a vision of a certain ‘90s supermodel at Burberry’s Knight Bar in New York City. With her newly shorn hair, Hill decided to emulate Linda Evangelista for the British brand’s takeover of Temple Bar, highlighting the chameleonic model’s signature androgynous look. “The legend, the icon,” she says of Evangelista. “I definitely reference Linda a lot more than I used to now that my hair is shorter.” The paired her pixie cut with a yellow and gray plaid ensemble.  “The look was actually featured in Daniel Lee’s first show for Burberry and it was actually a men’s look,” Hill says of the outfit, which she paired with yellow furry heels with velvet rosettes from Lee’s latest collection. “It’s very fluid.”

On the decision to cut off her long locks for a pixie cut in September, Hill knows that there was no better time. “I’ve always wanted to do it,” she says. “I was really ready for a change and I went for it.” Her dog, Salem, barks in agreement. Hill’s “hair mom” Danielle Priano—who did her wedding-day waves—molds her hair into a perfectly tousled coif. With a quick blow dry to “bless it” and protect it from the elements, she’s ready to go.

Hill’s makeup artist Quinn Murphy deems taupe the color of the evening. It’s a no-makeup-makeup kind of night, and he gives the former Victoria’s Secret model a smattering of freckles across her face. “I don’t have natural freckles. I wish I did, they’re really cute!” Hill says. “And now I do.”

While Hill likes to be purposefully fashionably late to events, she’s feeling anxious in the car. “I hate running late, it’s the worst thing ever, it’s the worst feeling,” she says. But she takes a deep breath, “We’re going to get there.” And that she did. With a wave and a smile, Hill bids us a farewell and heads into the bar.

Watch below as Taylor Hill gets ready for the Burberry party with Vogue.

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