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Taylor Russell is Hollywood's boldest new red-carpet risk-taker

Canadian actor Tyler Russell landed her breakthrough role with Timothée Chalamet in Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All, where she played A well-deserved moment in the spotlight. But she’s not just one of Hollywood’s freshest new faces—Russell has all the necessary A-list red-carpet style to back it up. The actor has been proving she’s entirely in her own fashion league during the film’s press conferences over the past month, opting for unique looks that run counter to the glitzy status quo. No classic (read: boring) dresses here—Russell favors more experimental and ways more edgy silhouettes.

Russell started to be a real fashion girl in September when she hosted designer Jonathan Anderson’s Spring in Paris for Loewe show. Walking down the runway in a strapless black dress and palm-shaped shoes, she totally owns the runway — and has since closed every step and repeated where she appeared. One of her first premieres was at the Venice Film Festival in September, when she wore a shoulderless dress from Demna’s fall 2022 couture collection With a green Balenciaga gown and white latex gloves. Puffy skirt and open back, this is hardly a traditional choice – however, it totally rules.

Taylor Russell opens Loewe Spring Show Show

Photo: Daniele Oberrauch / Gorunway. com

Bold shapes have always been one of Russell’s hallmarks on rugs. In October, she appeared at the film’s London premiere in bold Schiaparelli couture, which included a pointed-shoulder jacket, a champagne satin bodice, a crepe skirt and a wide-brimmed hat. Meanwhile, in Hollywood this week, she wore a white and black dress from Loewe’s spring collection with a hip cutout and an oversized bow at the front. (She even pulled off some incredible suits; at the Milan premiere this week, she donned a low-neck tuxedo by Alexander McQueen.)

Consider Given the global media expectations of fashion on a tour of this nature, it’s safe to say Russell hasn’t succumbed to the pressure. She carves her own space with looks that embrace personality – when you have a heartthrob co-star like Chalamet who is also a bold style traitor? It makes the Bones and All red carpet the whole joy of watching.

Here are Russell’s best red carpet looks to date.




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