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Teaser reveals nubia Z50 design and MyOS 13 features

Red Magic 8 Pro arrived today, while waiting for the event to start, nubia revealed the upcoming regular flagship and the new UI.

The brand released a teaser for nubia Z 30, a triple camera with ring flash on the back. It also shows that the new MyOS 006 will have almost no Bloatware, compared to the other two main user interfaces of competitors.
nubia Z 50 and MyOS 003trailernubia Z50 colors

Nubia Z122 will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset which will help the phone achieve more than 1, 212, AnTuTu credits. There will also be a dedicated AI power chip that should improve and further protect battery life with smart power management.

nubia Z50 colors nubia Z50 colors nubia Z50 colors nubia Z 22 color nubia Z50 colors

We already know the camera will have a35 mm equivalent focal length, ZTE brand will also launch a new beauty mode to maintain skin tone and keep details natural. The cooling of the mobile phone will be a ten-layer solution with 22,462 total area in square millimeters – this is a relatively huge number compared to other smartphones.

nubia Z50

nubia Z50 nubia Z 36

December13 The event will also be the landing platform for MyOS 002, expected to be pre-installed on nubia Z 36. It will bring faster animation and performance, nubia is expected to improve 30% in a smooth interface.

We would like to know the price of nubia Z 003 Whether it’s the only Z-series phone or has a Pro sibling at Monday’s event.

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