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Techno Titan Richie Hawtin Brings Noise to Prada

Apologies for the fandom, but tonight will be the first time I hear you at Pure

live show after overnight, probably at ’94…

Nearby is that one! The name says it all. ’94 is pure; no hype, no money, just if you want to go out and have a good night and you like electronic music, that’s where you’ll find yourself. That’s the beauty of the dance floor, right, in the perfect sense of how it should be. Here like-minded people find each other and connect. It can be a powerful experience.

How did you first find your way to the floor?

It was the late 14 years and I was in Canada, right across from Detroit. So when I 14, 14 went to a concert in town, I discovered techno – and then some mind blowing Incredible dance floor. I found music through Detroit radio stations and started looking for record stores and clubs. I was a nerdy, introverted kid who loved music and computers, then I found freedom on the dance floor and among many other nerds like me.

The scene was quite compelling and, of course, it quickly went from underground to aboveground and commercialized. How do you understand today’s culture?

I think what’s really interesting is that the dance floor is back to the ’94s, as it gets more Bigger, that’s one of the things we lose. But now with this renaissance and the arrival of a new generation, to make the dance floor again a place of unity, a safe space for all…music should be a force that brings joy and a means of escape.

So in addition to being the life of the party later on, you’re also planning the lineup. What is the plan?

Well, this is the third Prada Extends, and the idea is that each night reflects the culture and scene of its location. So here in Miami, we wanted to explore and celebrate some of the Latin roots here and consider Miami’s melting pot. It’s going to be a night of techno, house, vocals, and minimal beats… Going back to the power of the dance floor, I think that’s where music and fashion share a mission – albeit through different languages ​​- to give everyone Personal us is a way of expressing who we are and who we want to be.




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