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Technology headlines on Wednesday: Microsoft layoffs are coming

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    • January 18

      Ted Lasso’s 3rd season will begin this spring

      There is no specific premiere date for the Apple TV Plus series.

    • January 18 Elon Musk tweets take center stage on opening day of his securities fraud trial

      Plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that Musk’s “funding secured” tweets were reckless and cost “ordinary people” Millions of dollars, which Musk’s lawyers said were “irrelevant.”

    • January 18 Apple is reportedly working on an iPad-like smart display

      New cheap smart displays, improved Apple TV, and a weird HomePod/Apple TV fusion are in the works.

    • January 18

      Apple is turning on the HomePod Mini’s secret temperature and humidity sensor

      With the announcement of Apple’s new HomePod, the company also id it will enable the sensor hidden in the HomePod Mini as it will be enabled in an upcoming software update.

    • January 18 What’s on your desk, Tom Warren?

      A new house has led to an overhaul of the work-from-home environment.

    • January 18

      Shell to acquire EV charging network Volta for $169M

      Shell America is buying all of Volta, a destination electric vehicle charging company that operates more than 3,000 charging stations.

    • January 18

      How does the new MacBook Pro compare to the rest of the Apple MacBook lineup

      The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros have Apple’s latest chips, but are they worth the upgrade?

    • January 18

      Microsoft will lay off thousands of people

      Microsoft’s latest layoffs It is expected to be significantly larger than 1% in 2022.

    • January 18 Coffee machines and statues: Twitter begins auctioning off assets from its San Francisco headquarters

      The company is selling espresso machines, designer chairs and bike charging stations after falling behind on office rent.

    • January 18

      Netflix’s 2023 movie lineup looks a bit lean

      New Netflix hit takes a fresh look at how they clone Tyrone, leave the world and their mother behind.

      January 18

      YouTube TV’s Live Guide and Library starts today Better

      Subscribers to the Live TV service will notice a redesigned, more efficient channel guide. Libraries are getting cleaner and more helpful.

    • January 18

      Microsoft Announces Mass Layoffs Affecting 10,000 Employees

      Microsoft is laying off thousands of jobs as CEO Satya Nadella warns of technical challenges over the next two years company.

    • January 18

      Carhartt’s smart vest uses AI to keep you warm

      The $220 Smart Heated Vest, which will automatically adjust the temperature to keep you in the cold, will be available starting Feb. 1 comfortable.

    • January 18th

      TikTok is making it State-controlled media label expands to more countries

      After Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the platform began experimenting with state-affiliated media Label.

    • January 18th

      Galaxy S23 specs leaked at Some surprises left ahead of February launch

      Leak confirms previously rumored specs including 200 megapixels on S23 Ultra cameras, and the design of all three devices.

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