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Tecno wants to collaborate with well-known lens manufacturers for future products

Tecno has rapidly grown into the world’s top 10 smartphone brand, and it’s no secret that it recently revealed its ambitions to enter the premium segment, and you may not have noticed that the company will also Positioning itself as a leader in smartphone camera innovation. It’s looking to team up with some of the biggest names in the photography industry to take the next step.

We interviewed Mr. Laurie, Tecno Marketing Director on the occasion of the Phantom X2 launch: “For the Phantom X2 series, we consulted Rankin, a professional photographer. and many famous portraits of Hollywood celebrities. He gave us some valuable insights and advice on how to create the best portrait camera:” .

A talk with Tecno: the company is working on innovations for smartphone cameras

The end result is one of the best portrait cameras we’ve tested — a quirky retractable design that combines a large sensor with a wide aperture to produce lovely natural-looking bokeh without computational tricks.

This camera is on the Tecno Phantom we recently reviewed, the X2 Pro. But Tecno didn’t stop there. The company confirmed that it is in talks with established lens makers about the development of future products.

Tecno didn’t mention any names, but we’ll no doubt hear more about it in the coming months. Hasselblad, Leica, and Zeiss have partnered with smartphone makers, so we can rule those out, but there’s still no shortage of big names.



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