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'Ted Lasso' ending: This might be all we get

[This story contains spoilers from “The Goodbye,” Season 3 – and possible series – Ted Lasso.]

all season long, making Ted Lasso was a bit coy about whether the end of their planned three-season arc would mark the end of the series. Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, and others have repeatedly stated that this season will mark the end of what they intend to do, but never made it clear that this will ultimately end the series.

The final episode of season three, “Goodbye,” played no such game. This episode felt a bit like a series finale, looking back and flashing into the future (imagined or not; more on that in a few paragraphs) of a few key characters. The fact that Ted Lasso is Apple TV+’s biggest series to date could mean that the streamer and Warner Bros. TV that produced the show might find a way to make a sequel Or a spinoff featuring some (or most) of AFC Richmond’s characters. Several of these flash-forward scenes could easily form the basis for a sequel — but Ted Russo (Sudeikis) has already left Richmond behind.

(Also worth mentioning: Paul Cripps, the show’s production designer, posted several Instagrams Photo Ted Lasso’s Tuesday demolished, Hannah Waddingham mentions ” our Last day as Richmond Greyhounds” tweeted a photo of her and several of her co-stars, including Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt, joining the Writers Guild picket in Los Angeles.)

“Goodbye” written by executive producers Hunt, Joe Kelly and Sudeikis – who developed the character a decade ago for an NBC Sports ad campaign – Not playing (too much) with the idea that Ted is making good on his implicit but unrealistic promise in the last episode of returning to Kansas. The first scene, however, takes a twist, as Ted greets Rebecca (Waddingham) in her kitchen one morning after what looks like a morning – and then Beard (Hunter, in a thong) and Jane ( Phoebe Walsh) shows up and Ted says thank you for letting them all crash into her house after a gas leak nearby.

But throughout, Ted was determined to leave Richmond and return to his sons, Henry (Gestner) and ex-wife Michelle (Andrea). Anders) was once again a part of their lives. Rebecca tries to talk him out of it, making both personal and financial demands: she points out that if she sells 49 a percentage of the team , she’ll make a lot of money, which in turn could make Ted one of the highest paid coaches in the league.

Yes, Rebecca is considering selling the team: Ted’s imminent departure has her thinking about making a big move of her own. Higgins (Jeremy Swift) points out that with Richmond securing a Champions League place thanks to a top-four finish in the Premier League, the club’s value is at an all-time high and she can turn a huge profit while still controlling the club’s undersell half. “If I sold the whole club, how much money would I get?” she asked. About £2 billion, he replied, making her spit out the tea.

After the team performed The Sound of Music’ at Ted and Beard’s last practice ” Goodbye”, everyone seemed ready to win the final game of the season. Until Beard showed them a compilation video of their time together, which made everyone cry and start the game in a bad mood. Richmond lost 2-0 at half-time to Nate’s (Nick Mohammed) former club West Ham and are now led by former Richmond manager George Catrick (Bill Fellowes).

Cue Ted’s final halftime speech: “I want you all to know it has been an absolute honor to be your coach. You guys have truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life working together. I love getting to know each of you and what you were and getting a front row seat to who you are becoming. Thank you for your patience – When I showed up here, I knew nothing about football. Now, I know at least one thing about football. I am proud to be part of this team. I love you guys. I will miss you guys. ”

What follows is players each pulling out a torn piece of the “Believe” sign and splicing it together, shooting themselves (no doubt a bunch of audience) up. “I know people like to say there’s nowhere like home—and it’s true,” Ted told them. “But there aren’t many places like AFC Richmond.”

Richmond certainly had a strong second half, before hitting the post Jamie (Phil Deng) Sturt) finally puts a ball in the net. Isaac’s (Cora Bokini) penalty equalizes the game… a sporting display and of course last-minute drama that recalls one of Nate’s early set-piece designs Richmond’s winning goal – off the feet of Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) – came in the closing moments.

Richmond didn’t end up as Premier League champions – Manchester City also won their final game to hold a one-point lead – but it was the most successful in the club’s history season. Newspaper headlines reveal that Rebecca is indeed selling 20 percentages of the club to fans. She explained to Ted at the airport that she had decided to stay near the Richmond house, just as Ted had decided to return to his. As he boarded the flight home with Beard, the two said a heartfelt goodbye.

Or not, Beard admits he’s in love with Jane and can’t bear to leave her, but is also terrified of abandoning his old friend. Ted blesses him. “I love you, Ted,” Beard said. “I love you too, Willis,” Ted replied.

After Beard fakes a ruptured appendix and gets off the plane, Ted takes off and the flash forward begins: Leaving the airport, Rebecca meets the handsome Dutchman (Matteo van from der Grijn of the Amsterdam episode ) and his young daughter (end credits reveal his name is Matthijs). Ted left a note for Trent (James Lance) saying he liked the team book but he should change the title from The Lasso Way Change to: “It’s not about me. Never was.” Rebecca names Roy (Brett Goldstein) as her new manager, Beard and Nate as his assistants, and they re-hung the Believe sign . Keeley (Juno Temple) and Barbara (Katy Wix) are thriving at the renamed KBPR. Sam finally got a place in the Nigeria national team. Jamie reconciles with his father. Nate, Jade (Edyta Budnik) and his family enjoyed a fun evening at A Taste of Athens. Trent’s book, now titled The Richmond Way , is a bestseller. Keeley proposes to Rebecca that the Richmond girls’ team be formed. The club gathered at Higgins’ house for a barbecue. Beard and Jane get married at Stonehenge, team members and the couple from “Beard After Hours” are in attendance…

Then Ted wakes up at the end of his flight, questioning the montage Is it real or part of a dream (that’s how the weirder parts of the wedding are definitely played out). However, if some or all of these scenarios are true, the continuation of the Noose Festival could easily be included in the formation of Manager Roy or the women’s team – if Apple, Warner Bros. and all parties involved come to an agreement (after All industry labor lawsuits will eventually be resolved).

Ted Lasso has had a rough season in some places, especially with Keeley and Nate. The ending, however, hits enough of the right notes to give viewers the warm feeling it’s been trafficked for. The episode ends with Ted coaching Henry’s youth team and reminding him to “be a goldfish” after he misses an open shot. Good guys trying to be better people do sometimes win (or finish a heroic second).

Odds and Results

*Speaking of thinning: The never-fully developed love triangle between Keeley, Roy, and Jamie ends with a punch and kick (off-screen) about her after the two get stuck. Then they came to her place and asked her to choose one of them. She rightly kicks them both out — “We’re all fucking idiots,” Roy said afterward. Keeley’s reintegration into the club’s orbit after her run-in with Jack is welcome, and Roy and Jamie are free to continue to deepen their friendship without competing with her.

Just like the episode , Rupert (Anthony Hyde) was accused of having an “improper relationship” with his former assistant, leading Bex to file for divorce. His downfall came to an end after he walked onto the court to berate Hattrick, then shoved him during the game and walked away yelling “Wanker!” From the crowd and Sassy (Ellie Taylor).

Frustrated by his inability to get out of the way with Keeley, Roy asks to join the Diamond Dogs, then wonders why he seems powerless to change. “If we keep asking for help and accepting it when we need it,” Higgins told him, “then we’ll be on a better path.” He seems to take that to heart, as his last photo It was a sit down with Dr. Sharon (Sarah Niles), who is now a full-time employee at Richmond Hospital.

Hinted before, especially in “We’ll Never Have Paris” Dr. Jacob (Mike O’Gorman) is a tool, and Michelle begins to see that. His complete disdain for Ted’s last game in Richmond (and football in general) delivered the final (if a bit harsh) verdict on it: He was.




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