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'Ted's Lasso' Star Brendan Hunt Hints at Ted and Rebecca's Romance in Season 3, Possible Spinoff: 'Anything Is Possible'

The co-creator also explains why Ted missed Beard’s big moment in the finale and Roy and Keeley’s future.

Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso

Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt & Jason Sudeikis in “Ted Lasso”
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[This story contains spoilers Ted Russo Season 3 finale. ]

Ted Lasso starring and co-creator Brendan Hunt is answering a few burning questions that haven’t been answered by

last week’s (series?) finale .

Hunt posted a Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit

and took some time to answer a fan about a possible relationship between Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and All Questions About Relationships Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) Chances for a spinoff or season 4 .

“We don’t know,” the Beard Coach actor wrote, if there was a chance at Ted Lasso Universe. “We need to take a break, and take a break now. Nothing is ruled out, anything is possible; but this includes the possibility that we can accomplish it. We won’t know until we sit for a while, decompress, etc.”

Horror Bosses 2 Alum Also mentioned

Season 3 teases about the relationship between Ted and Rebecca, explaining that the creators do think it’s “out of professional duty…but never enthusiastically.” He also notes that the coach and the club Bosses are each other’s soulmates, but they can be each other’s soulmates, but it’s not romantic.

“For years we’ve been taught by television that when there are leading men and leading women, they end up together,” he wrote. “It can be hard to see the past.”

In another response, Hunter talks about Beard and Jane’s (Phoebe Walsh) wedding, which Ted apparently didn’t attend. Storywise, he explained, Ted had just boarded a plane back to the US, so having him back in the UK so quickly would feel anticlimactic. The actor also pointed out that Beard and Ted have a very special friendship, and that they can still be as close as they are now, without necessarily going to a wedding or something.

“Personally, I think Beard called Ted and told him he could put the matter aside, and Ted was grateful because the ceremony was in conjunction with an important game for the Henry football team. The games collided,” Hunt shared. “The history of their relationship, in my opinion, is long periods of seeing each other and long periods of not seeing each other. We’ve gotten into one of the latter, but the former will come again at some point. They’re in love. They’ll meet again ’”

The co-creator also answered multiple questions about Beard’s decision to marry Jane despite her being “abusive” to him, saying he doesn’t think she was an abuser — despite He admits their relationship was toxic.

“As Ted said, their bags were really good together (paraphrase); they felt they were the right fit for each other,” he wrote. “The main thing we know about Billed and Jane is this: he just loves her. She makes life more interesting. He used to be addicted to meth and now, IMO, addicted to her pheromones. He makes the right long term Decided? Don’t know. Is he doing what he wants to do now? Of course. That’s a joy.”

Hunter said he and fellow creators Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence and Joe Kelly deliberately keep the fate of Ted and Michelle (Andrea Anders) ambiguous. While Dr. Jacob (Mike O’Gorman) is no longer in the picture, and Ted and Michelle care about each other, they are not the same as they were when the show began, and their priority is to be good parents to Henry.

“As for Roy and Keeley, I’ve known couples that seemed perfect and then suddenly found out they broke up,” he explained why the fan-favorite couple ended up not being together in the third Season ends. “Those who haven’t (at least started) disposing of their trash sometimes find they’ve lost something they wished to keep.”

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